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Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet the Meyers

Yes, a new family.
Just more Peeps in Peepville where taxes are low, jobs are good, and people keep moving in.
Let's meet the Meyers Family
(Thanks so much Rebecca! I just love them.)
We have Dad, Earl.
Mom is called Ermie.
Handsome young lad is named Ernie.
And the precious daughter is referred to as Emma.

They came to town because they wanted to start a Barber Shop along with a Beauty Shop. Be sure to notice Earl's hair because his lovely wife Ermie takes care of it for him. She uses lots of hair care products and always tells him never to look into the mirror and that he always looks terrific. No, she has no training but takes great pleasure in thinking she knows whats she is doing. Earl isn't trained to be a barber either but he once used a razor successfully so he figured he was good to go.

The new shop is a buzz with patrons on Opening Day. Ernie is at the front desk scheduling appointments. Emma is organizing the shelves with items for sale.

Just look at all the people waiting.

Marta is having a consultation first and just wants a trim (lower right photo.)

Martin is very nervous about the sharp blades as he looks over Earl's spiffy, fly away hair. Earl assures him that they do have a First Aid kit on hand just in case. Martin thinks to himself that Peepville needs to staff it's volunteer fire department with Paramedics.

Credits: Shop has been set up in the Brinca Dada, Emerson House using Brinca Dada and Lundby furniture. The dolls once belonged to Rebecca. I was lucky enough to win them and she sent them to the U.S. on a tiny little boat that took quite a while but the dolls have been welcomed to Peepville and will soon have a fine home near Lundby Lane.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Privacy in the Stockholm / Mom's Danglies (Crystals)

Millie is baby sitting for Baby Jimmy at the Fjelde's Stockholm Mansion.

This little room (usually a bathroom) has always bothered me that there is no Privacy.

I used some of mom's old crystals from lamps and such to create a wall that sparkles in the light. I have made no permanent changes to the house. I really like this added sparkly, super girlie feature. At night with the house lights on it casts different hues of color. We always called these types of things (crystals) Mom's Danglies. She virtually had them all over the place.

Thanks Mom... You'll be with the Peeps always.

(Note: Mom passed just over a year ago and I am having a great time going through the little things I put aside and really enjoy adding some creative pieces to the doll houses.)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tiny Perfume Bottles

After I got all the glue off my fingers I could sit back and look at my handy work. My little peep doll Mary is such a girlie girl and loves different perfumes yet she only had a few bottles. Now she has a dresser top full of a nice assortment for every day use and any special occasion.

Mom left me with some vintage Spinel Earrings that I was sure I would never wear due to them being clip on or screw on types of earrings. I kept looking at them and wondering what to do with them. I have a big tub of mom's old jewelry and also had little bags of parts and pieces.

I took the earrings apart and learned what Spinel actually was. Definition: a hard glassy mineral consisting of an oxide of magnesium and aluminum; occurs in various colors that are used as gemstones. These stones she had were all clear. So I took apart the earrings and lined up the individual stones that have many cuts so are very detailed.

I sorted through the old bit and pieces and found some single earrings and other stones to use for caps. I love reusing items and now mom has another place amongst the little peeps on Lundby Lane.

First and second photos show all the tiny perfume bottles Mary now has. Third and fourth photos show all the bottles I made from mom's old jewelry. Once I got the glue off my King Kong size hands I sat back and admired the tiny bits and pieces of a fine lady who will always be with me and all have a place in Peepville.