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Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet the Meyers

Yes, a new family.
Just more Peeps in Peepville where taxes are low, jobs are good, and people keep moving in.
Let's meet the Meyers Family
(Thanks so much Rebecca! I just love them.)
We have Dad, Earl.
Mom is called Ermie.
Handsome young lad is named Ernie.
And the precious daughter is referred to as Emma.

They came to town because they wanted to start a Barber Shop along with a Beauty Shop. Be sure to notice Earl's hair because his lovely wife Ermie takes care of it for him. She uses lots of hair care products and always tells him never to look into the mirror and that he always looks terrific. No, she has no training but takes great pleasure in thinking she knows whats she is doing. Earl isn't trained to be a barber either but he once used a razor successfully so he figured he was good to go.

The new shop is a buzz with patrons on Opening Day. Ernie is at the front desk scheduling appointments. Emma is organizing the shelves with items for sale.

Just look at all the people waiting.

Marta is having a consultation first and just wants a trim (lower right photo.)

Martin is very nervous about the sharp blades as he looks over Earl's spiffy, fly away hair. Earl assures him that they do have a First Aid kit on hand just in case. Martin thinks to himself that Peepville needs to staff it's volunteer fire department with Paramedics.

Credits: Shop has been set up in the Brinca Dada, Emerson House using Brinca Dada and Lundby furniture. The dolls once belonged to Rebecca. I was lucky enough to win them and she sent them to the U.S. on a tiny little boat that took quite a while but the dolls have been welcomed to Peepville and will soon have a fine home near Lundby Lane.


  1. Ahhhh :) the Meyers they are so awesome!!! - Nice to meet them here at Lundby Lane!!

    Thanks for your comment at my blog. I really am in a similar situation, because i´m trying to push my online-shop(s) a bit and i´m working and designing and making pics and have unfortunately no time for my peeps... But they are still patient :)

    I´m so happy for you, you found that great job!!

    Hugs, Nicola

  2. Oh lucky you! They are so cute and fit in perfectly to Lundby Lane. CM

  3. Dear Amy, I am so glad they have arrived! Perhaps they decided to travel by train across the US, so they could see more of the scenery?

    Oh my goodness, I never thought they would open a barber shop! I hope there are no dreadful accidents. Beauty Parlor I can understand more, as Mrs Meyer certainly has lovely skin and is beautifully made up. Hmm, fingers crossed for them - and I look forward to meeting the new paramedics in Peepville soon! :-)

  4. So funny about Earl's flyaway hair! Maybe he or Ermie could do something about Mona and Marie's rat's nests? I love how confident they are in their skills! So brave of them to move their family halfway across the world to start a new business.

  5. The story is so funny, I was giggling to myself when reading it.
    The Meyers look like they settled nicely in Peepville with the Lundby folks and with all the nice shops and salons popping up it seems Peepville is the place to be!

  6. Hi Amy! I received your comment about the items you'd like, but some weird stuff happened with Blogger, and your comment and my reply were deleted. I sent you an email but am not sure I have the right address. Please contact me at chateauchat@comcast.net when you have a chance. Thanks!

  7. Hey Amy it is almot June, Just checking in. Know your are busy but want to say Hi. Let me know how you are. Miss you. CM

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