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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Camping Out

Nickie and Gustav has taken refuge at the local campground while the rest of the Peeps are preparing the homes on Lundby Lane. The boys are making cozy in a Bar-M-Ranch by Marx. They have a stove, sink and refrigerator provided inside along with a picnic table outside. They also have access to the primitive comfort station.
Off to the pool for the afternoon.

Time for Bed. Nickie assures Gustav that there are no bugs in the campground.

Gustav hears a loud buzzing sound. Gustav yells for Nickie to come shake out the tent and to come into the tent because he is sure he hears large bugs. Nickie tells him that there are no bugs but decides to sleep inside the tent anyway.
Both buys nestled together and sleep safely and soundly.

Credits: See previous post for details.

Camping Out Credits

The pool was made by Play School and is dated 1991. It is made from 100% plastic and
is water proof. I found this at a garage sale where they were selling the whole house with
all the accessories. The owner was kind enough to sell me only this one piece for $1.00.
It fits my little peeps so well.
The Bar-M-Ranch

This is a vintage Marx Bros. tin ranch. I suspect it is 1/2 scale or slightly larger.

We acquired this at a flea market and many of these vintage items have the chimney missing. Others that have all the plastic pieces with them can be very expensive to purchase.

Overall this Vintage Tin is in very good condition. The Bar-M-Ranch was made in the early 1950's as a Roy Rogers toy.

The tent and the two sleeping bags are by Lundby of Sweden. The tent shade does come down if you untie the yellow bows. I love Lundby and their innovation to provide creative play items.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Before & After

This was mom's house.
Now this is our house.

Ta Da...
Two full home remodels are 99.7% complete.

As you can see I've been rather busy.

The doll house room is mostly set up and ready for activity. The Peeps are moving things about. The Lundby boys have been camping. The Lundby men have been busy moving. The Lundby ladies have been busy cleaning, shopping and setting up. The precious Lundby little girls have been playing.