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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Camping Out Credits

The pool was made by Play School and is dated 1991. It is made from 100% plastic and
is water proof. I found this at a garage sale where they were selling the whole house with
all the accessories. The owner was kind enough to sell me only this one piece for $1.00.
It fits my little peeps so well.
The Bar-M-Ranch

This is a vintage Marx Bros. tin ranch. I suspect it is 1/2 scale or slightly larger.

We acquired this at a flea market and many of these vintage items have the chimney missing. Others that have all the plastic pieces with them can be very expensive to purchase.

Overall this Vintage Tin is in very good condition. The Bar-M-Ranch was made in the early 1950's as a Roy Rogers toy.

The tent and the two sleeping bags are by Lundby of Sweden. The tent shade does come down if you untie the yellow bows. I love Lundby and their innovation to provide creative play items.


  1. oh amy I love these pool !lucky you to get it!
    I hope your dolls will have some nice afternoons swimming there.
    lots of love and nice to see your name on my bloglist again!

  2. Wow, what a great find! Only $1!?!?! What a steal, I love the pool!!