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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Camping Out

Nickie and Gustav has taken refuge at the local campground while the rest of the Peeps are preparing the homes on Lundby Lane. The boys are making cozy in a Bar-M-Ranch by Marx. They have a stove, sink and refrigerator provided inside along with a picnic table outside. They also have access to the primitive comfort station.
Off to the pool for the afternoon.

Time for Bed. Nickie assures Gustav that there are no bugs in the campground.

Gustav hears a loud buzzing sound. Gustav yells for Nickie to come shake out the tent and to come into the tent because he is sure he hears large bugs. Nickie tells him that there are no bugs but decides to sleep inside the tent anyway.
Both buys nestled together and sleep safely and soundly.

Credits: See previous post for details.


  1. How wonderful! I love the camping equipment - the tent and sleeping bags look very comfy!

  2. Hi Amy! Everything goes together so well! Love the Marx house especially, it is in great condition. :) C

  3. Hello. I found your blog. It makes me smile. I have three Lundby Houses. The Marx house is great!

  4. Very nice pool! Your peeps always have so much fun! I have the Lundby tent as well. I think it's very well made, and am looking forward for the spring, so they can go out camping again. One tent for the Lund family just wasn't enough. :-)

  5. Me encanta la familia de camping

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