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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

It's Thanksgiving day at the Orphanage on Lundy Lane. All the peeps are warm in their nice little house and ready for the prayer before the big meal. During the meal each little peep will have their turn to say what they are grateful for today. The Orphange father figure tells all the little peeps that having an attitude of gratitude helps chase the blues away.
What are you grateful for?
Today I am grateful I woke up. Today I am grateful to know I’m not in charge of the universe. Today I am grateful to have ample food. Today I am grateful to have shelter. Today I am grateful for a loving husband who started me on my passion for miniatures. Today I am extremelly grateful for my freedom. Today I am grateful to have dear friends and wonderful family. I am also grateful to have memories and cherished thoughts of those who aren’t with us physically today. Today I am very grateful to know all you wonderful people out there in blogger land. It warms my heart in such a good way to know you.
Hope you all have a very, very nice Thanksgiving and a full day of Gratitude.
And I hope all your little dolls have a great day too.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Party Continues & The Large Christmas Tree

Yes, The party continues. All the peeps are full.
Some are rubbing there tummies because they all ate so much.
That Martin sure is a good cook. The girls are on the roof top playing with dolls.
Nickie is closing in.

These are all the house warming gifts Mary and Martin received.
They didn't expect anything but are very grateful because they can use everything.

The gang is gathered downstairs sitting comfortably and Martin is telling Cooking Stories.
They all laugh when he tells them about how he forget the sugar in the apple pies for 1,000 men.
The Fjelde's are the last party goers to leave and while outside saying good bye sure enough here come Verna and Arlene along with husbands Bob and Cal. The girls were determined to show up. Cal proudly announces the gift of the large living Xmas Tree. Mary and Martin are clueless as to what they'll do with it but are gracious and says "Thanks". Verna is wiggling her way in and wants to see the house. Mary says "Oh if you'd like to come in we have lots of dishes to be done." Verna replies that they were just stopping by to deliver the tree. And so it goes on Lundby Lane. Just another day for the peeps and their amazing adventures in their very small world.
Notes: All little peeps are based on real life characters mostly. Doing dishes is based on real life also.
"Letter to Cal and Arlene"
Dear Uncle Cal and Aunt Arlene, I hope you enjoy seeing yourselves as dolls. Just like the real dolls you actually are. Arlene you are the blonde and Verna has the darker hair. Uncle Cal, you & Bob look so much alike. All last names have been changed to Flagg to protect the innocent. Happy Thanksgiving! We love you guys! Smooch, Jim and Amy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Party at Mary & Martin's New Stockholm House

Martin and Mary are in their new kitchen discussing the party tomorrow. Martin tells Mary about all the food he ordered that will be delivered. Right now Martin is making breakfast and is so flabergasted and excited by the new swivel faucet.
The guests arrive. Ann Marie brought a grocery bag full of Trader Joe goodies. The mom & the dad from the new Orphanage on Lundy lane have arrived also.

The Nanny from the orphanage is examining the new pink and blue bath room.

Grandma arrived and tried out the Swedish Tempurpedic bed and fell asleep instantly.

Nickie is reaching his hand out to meet one of the girls that lives at the Orphanage.

Martin is cooking up some steaks and enjoys all the friends being over. Evil baby is being rocked on the swing by his father Vinnie and this is soothing so he is behaving for a nice change. Gustav seems totally bored with the gal he is sitting with.

Erik and Marta Fjelde are sitting with their daughter Signe and just love the new house. They also just love their new house as Mary & Martin sold them their old Stockholm mansion. New on Lundby Lane is a new addition to the Fjelde Family. Yes, a baby. His name is Baby Jimmy. Millie is baby sitting right now so Marta and Erik could come to the party.

And the party continues...
And the story will continue...

Above is an overall photo of the house.

Credits: Lundby Stockholm house with pull out swimming pool and built in dust covers. I have assembled almost all my favorite Lundby things and put them in this house. What fun I had!
What fun I am having and what fun I will continue to have.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Martin Goes Shopping

Martin goes into the Coffee Shop in the Mini Mall to order some food for his upcoming party.
(Arlene Flagg is on the left. Cal Flagg is in the middle and Verna Flagg is on the right.)

Arlene says "Well hello there. Welcome to our newly remodeled Coffee Shop."
Martin says "Well I can see you have a nice new display case. It is so much bigger than the other one."
Verna says "Well I hunted and searched and found it. We got a good deal. Hey, would you like a sample of cavier?"
Cal is daydreaming about hunting wild animals and could care less about any of this small talk.
Arlene asks "Martin are you the folks in the town with the new house on Lundby Lane?"
Martin replies "Well yes, we sold our old mansion to the Fjelde's because they needed more room."
Verna asks "Are you all moved in? Oh and how is your lovely wife?"
Martin replies "Yes, we are all done moving in. My wife Mary is doing just fine and loving her new house."
Cal urps out "Ya gonna buy anything?"
Martin replies "Yes, I'll take everything in the case and on top of the case. Please deliver it all tomorrow afternoon."
Verna and Arlene both say Thank you. Cal grumbles and goes to get more cavier.

After Martin leaves Arlene and Verna are whispering to each other. Let's listen in.

Arlene says "What a stinker that Martin is. Having a party and didn't even invite us."
Verna says "We'll find a reason to show up Arlene. Don't you worry Sis. We'll be there."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Antique & Vintage Doll House Items

I was fortunate enough to work with a nice gal who had a doll house that was hand built in the early 1900's. She was moving and needed to find a way to relieve herself of these belongings. I did not want the house because it was large, very heavy and not detailed so I set her up with a local donation company that would come and take the doll house. I managed to negotiate a great price for all the furnishings. I wanted to post some photos of the items I acquired. Some items are from the early 1900's up to 1985. Almost all items are 1:12 scale or 1:10 scale and too large for my Lundby Doll Houses. Early 1900's Soft Metal Typewriter.

Food tray from the 1960's.

Early 1900's probable German made soft metal two burner stove.

Antique four piece bedroom set stamped Germany on the underside of the bed. All bedding was handswen.

German made Chaise or Fainting Couch. Probably from the early 1900's.
All items are listed on eBay with more to come.
These listings can be found by clicking this link.
I am merely showing the photos so you can see some of the great things that were made for doll houses in the early 1900's. Just fabulous stuff. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Vintage Mid 1960's Lundby Gothenberg

Oh I wish I could afford this. This wonderful Lundby house is listed on eBay currently with lots of photos.