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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Party Continues & The Large Christmas Tree

Yes, The party continues. All the peeps are full.
Some are rubbing there tummies because they all ate so much.
That Martin sure is a good cook. The girls are on the roof top playing with dolls.
Nickie is closing in.

These are all the house warming gifts Mary and Martin received.
They didn't expect anything but are very grateful because they can use everything.

The gang is gathered downstairs sitting comfortably and Martin is telling Cooking Stories.
They all laugh when he tells them about how he forget the sugar in the apple pies for 1,000 men.
The Fjelde's are the last party goers to leave and while outside saying good bye sure enough here come Verna and Arlene along with husbands Bob and Cal. The girls were determined to show up. Cal proudly announces the gift of the large living Xmas Tree. Mary and Martin are clueless as to what they'll do with it but are gracious and says "Thanks". Verna is wiggling her way in and wants to see the house. Mary says "Oh if you'd like to come in we have lots of dishes to be done." Verna replies that they were just stopping by to deliver the tree. And so it goes on Lundby Lane. Just another day for the peeps and their amazing adventures in their very small world.
Notes: All little peeps are based on real life characters mostly. Doing dishes is based on real life also.
"Letter to Cal and Arlene"
Dear Uncle Cal and Aunt Arlene, I hope you enjoy seeing yourselves as dolls. Just like the real dolls you actually are. Arlene you are the blonde and Verna has the darker hair. Uncle Cal, you & Bob look so much alike. All last names have been changed to Flagg to protect the innocent. Happy Thanksgiving! We love you guys! Smooch, Jim and Amy

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  1. What a wonderful party, it's almost like being a part of it, and I didn't even have to do the dishes to join in :-) I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Verna and Arlene though!
    Congratulations on getting the Stockholm house, it's great isn't it?