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Monday, November 15, 2010

Martin Goes Shopping

Martin goes into the Coffee Shop in the Mini Mall to order some food for his upcoming party.
(Arlene Flagg is on the left. Cal Flagg is in the middle and Verna Flagg is on the right.)

Arlene says "Well hello there. Welcome to our newly remodeled Coffee Shop."
Martin says "Well I can see you have a nice new display case. It is so much bigger than the other one."
Verna says "Well I hunted and searched and found it. We got a good deal. Hey, would you like a sample of cavier?"
Cal is daydreaming about hunting wild animals and could care less about any of this small talk.
Arlene asks "Martin are you the folks in the town with the new house on Lundby Lane?"
Martin replies "Well yes, we sold our old mansion to the Fjelde's because they needed more room."
Verna asks "Are you all moved in? Oh and how is your lovely wife?"
Martin replies "Yes, we are all done moving in. My wife Mary is doing just fine and loving her new house."
Cal urps out "Ya gonna buy anything?"
Martin replies "Yes, I'll take everything in the case and on top of the case. Please deliver it all tomorrow afternoon."
Verna and Arlene both say Thank you. Cal grumbles and goes to get more cavier.

After Martin leaves Arlene and Verna are whispering to each other. Let's listen in.

Arlene says "What a stinker that Martin is. Having a party and didn't even invite us."
Verna says "We'll find a reason to show up Arlene. Don't you worry Sis. We'll be there."


  1. I love your little mini mall, actually I have been working on one myself, but I never seems to get it finished!

  2. The Flagg dolls are wonderful and I love the phrase "what a stinker" :-) Great post.