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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lundby Dolls go to the IMAX Theater

The Lundby Dolls wanted to see the Big Game close up so they bought tickets to see it at the IMAX theater. They got great seats and the game is about to start.

Wonder who they are rooting for.

Here's the opening kick off. Go Team Go!

This team sure looks smart.

Look at that guy go. YEAH!!!!

Well , now we know who they all like. That's their Super Hero.
The thrower guy. He sure is a handsome lad.

Martin decides to buy t-shirts for everybody.

Credits: Lundby IMAX theater consists of four Brinca Dada chairs and one big TV. Dolls are of course Lundby. Winning team is the Green Bay Packers of Green Bay Wisconsin. Go Pack Go!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Antique Doll House Furniture

I search high and low and occasionally the good news is mine. I travel locally to antique stores, resale shops, attend auctions and go to as many estate sales as I can.

The table below is incredible. It has a triangular surface with three drop leafs.

It is marked Germany and I suspect very old.

It is missing one leg support but otherwise in very good condition.

Note: If you click on the collages below they will open up for full size photos.

The table is very nice also. It has a thick marble top and is labeled Germany on the underside.

The chair intrigues me with it's leather look seat cushion and seat back that feel like thick paper. It is made of different thicknesses of wood and has no markings.

Credits: All items were found just sitting on a shelf at an estate sale. They are simply too big for the Lundby's so they are being auctioned off to a good home. You can find them by clicking the link on the upper right hand corner of this blog that will take you to my online auctions.
I just love seeing, touching and being around these really great items. My intent is to share with you. If anybody has any additional information I would appreciate a comment. Every day is a good day to learn something.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signe's New Doll Houses

Signe would now like to show you the three new Doll Houses she has added to her already vast collection. She likes to pretend her dollie is on vacation and goes many, many places. This is of course when she's not playing with her horses.

House below is all one piece, molded resin of some sort and found at Goodwill for a whopping 49 cents. I liked the details and the small size. It even has a hanging plant outside.

House below could be vintage but I'm not sure. It is marked WETTIG Gedeponeerd on the back of the house and it is made from 100% metal. Only the front side is painted with gray, green and black. Regardless it is very cute and Signe sure likes it. eBay purchase for not too much money.

The house below is the summer resort house made from Birch Bark. It is pretty big and takes up a lot of space in Signe's room but she just loves it. It is made from all natural materials and some tiny people must have assembled this in China. Found at resale shop, paid $1.00.

I wonder if my little peeps dolls will every have dolls.


I best get to the train show soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lundby TV's

Lundby Televisions
Through the years.

This TV is the oldest one I have. It is said to be Rare. I scored this one from a seller that did not know it was Lundby. It is also said to be from the late 60's or 70's. The first Lundby catalog I saw it in attached to the swivel base was from 1972.

I love the horse jumping image on this TV. This TV does not light up and has broken off it's plastic stand. I found the horse image in the 1985 catalog.

This TV does light up. There is a small hole on the backside where you insert the tiny bulb attached to the cord. It looks great lite up. This TV may be older than the one above because of the type of stand it is on. This type of stand is shown in the 1984 catalog.
Now for the large screen plasma TV's currently being sold.
They are so plastic yet the dolls love the larger screen.

I like how the oldest TV has a minimal amount of plastic in it. The newest TV's are almost 100% plastic. This fact is why I yearn for the vintage items of yesteryear.
Note: Different items were sold by Lundby in the USA and overseas. I believe the catalogs were different also. So somebody in Europe may have some different TV's although I have seen all of these TV's available from European countries.

Credits: All these TV's were made by Lundby of Sweden (3/4 scale) for the Lundby dolls.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dolls and their collections

Signe would like to show you her collection of horses.
She just loves horses of all breeds.
She also loves horse paintings.
She is proud of her collection although she is not done adding horses to it.

Credits: Lamp is Lundby. Most other horses are plastic expect for the one on the red ottoman. That horse is handcarved wood from the Erzgebirge region in Germany.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Antique Doll House Furniture

All of the items in this post were sold at auction recently from a private collection.
I wanted to share some photos of these most beautiful and precious antique items.
I attended most of the auction online but certainly didn't buy anything.
By: Schneegas & Sohne

Credits: Theriaults Auction House

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage & Antique Doll House Chairs

Half Scale Silver Chairs.
The two chairs on the outside of the photos are marked Sterling Silver. The chair on the far left is marked to identify made in Copenhagen, Denmark and is dated from 1955 to 1973. They are fabulous together and just need a little table.

Metal Rocking Chair - Very Old

Baby High Chair - Possible 1970's

Another Metal Chair - Age unknown

Excellently detailed handmade two tone wood and weave chair.
The construction is so detailed with tiny dowel rods used and some glue.
There are no tiny nails in this unusual chair.

Antique Adrian Cooke Metal Works Chair, Chicago, IL
It is made of soft metal and has the patent date on the underside of the seat cushion.
Dated 1895 to 1905

Jo Marz Metal Designer Chair
This designer doesn't make doll house furniture but this chair is perfect 1:12 scale and very cool.

My intent is to share unusual doll house items with my fellow bloggers for fun and educational purposes. I love looking at things that are antique, vintage and unique. Most of these vintage chairs are 1:12 scale. I only collect 3/4 scale items so all of these chairs must be passed on to the proper owner and are listed on eBay. You can browse my listings at http://shop.ebay.com/miniaturesandsmalls/m.html?_dmd=1&_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1 should you be interested.
I also have some Schoenhut, Petite Princess, Renwal, Mattel and Tootsie Toy Doll Houses items listed. Just in case you might be looking...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And now for something completely different

My husband and I had so much fun doing this. He has always said I am animated and this is proof positve. I don't have a lot of photos from my early years so I am very grateful to have these. We laughed and laughed. Yes, all these photos are of me. So now you know what I look like. A long time ago I won an award for my Blog and I was to tell 10 things about myself that weren't posted. Well I hope this post fulfills my obligation.
Be sure to scroll down below for some new Brinca Dada posts.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brinca Dada Furniture Part 1 of 2

Mary had recently remodeled the Brinca Dada house to her liking but Martin thought is was just too blue. So this time Martin remodeled. Mary went out and about and Martin brought in a whole truck load of furniture. Martin wanted to try the Brinca Dada Furniture.

For close ups and more details click on each collage and this will open up the photos for viewing.




Credits: All furniture was made by Brinca Dada. The wall hangings are mostly Lundby. The plants are simply for decor.

Brinca Dada Furniture Part 2 of 2

Overall photo of the house sporting the new Brinca Dada furniture.




Why do you think?

Do you like the Brinca Dada furniture better or the Lundby better?

I personally like a bit a both. Stay tuned to see what happens next. Maybe I will combine them.

For more information about this fabulous modern doll house please visit Brinca Dada's web site at http://www.brincadada.com/. I used the store locator to find a store near me. They seem to be adding new locations regularly.