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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lundby TV's

Lundby Televisions
Through the years.

This TV is the oldest one I have. It is said to be Rare. I scored this one from a seller that did not know it was Lundby. It is also said to be from the late 60's or 70's. The first Lundby catalog I saw it in attached to the swivel base was from 1972.

I love the horse jumping image on this TV. This TV does not light up and has broken off it's plastic stand. I found the horse image in the 1985 catalog.

This TV does light up. There is a small hole on the backside where you insert the tiny bulb attached to the cord. It looks great lite up. This TV may be older than the one above because of the type of stand it is on. This type of stand is shown in the 1984 catalog.
Now for the large screen plasma TV's currently being sold.
They are so plastic yet the dolls love the larger screen.

I like how the oldest TV has a minimal amount of plastic in it. The newest TV's are almost 100% plastic. This fact is why I yearn for the vintage items of yesteryear.
Note: Different items were sold by Lundby in the USA and overseas. I believe the catalogs were different also. So somebody in Europe may have some different TV's although I have seen all of these TV's available from European countries.

Credits: All these TV's were made by Lundby of Sweden (3/4 scale) for the Lundby dolls.


  1. so wonderful!! from old to modern!

  2. I think the jumping horse TV is actually older than the one with the kids and umbrella. The horse TV is shown in mid-70s Lundby catalogues. Do the modern plasma ones light up? I've
    never seen one in person. Very snazzy!

  3. It's always interesting to see how things progress even in miniatures!

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