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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signe's New Doll Houses

Signe would now like to show you the three new Doll Houses she has added to her already vast collection. She likes to pretend her dollie is on vacation and goes many, many places. This is of course when she's not playing with her horses.

House below is all one piece, molded resin of some sort and found at Goodwill for a whopping 49 cents. I liked the details and the small size. It even has a hanging plant outside.

House below could be vintage but I'm not sure. It is marked WETTIG Gedeponeerd on the back of the house and it is made from 100% metal. Only the front side is painted with gray, green and black. Regardless it is very cute and Signe sure likes it. eBay purchase for not too much money.

The house below is the summer resort house made from Birch Bark. It is pretty big and takes up a lot of space in Signe's room but she just loves it. It is made from all natural materials and some tiny people must have assembled this in China. Found at resale shop, paid $1.00.

I wonder if my little peeps dolls will every have dolls.


I best get to the train show soon.


  1. Hello Amy,

    Verry nice these dolls houses for dolls house dolls. I think the metal house, a small ware house, is Dutch. "Wettig gedeponeerd" means something as registrated trade mark. I do not know how old it is.

    Best wishes, Karin Wester, Nederland

  2. Thanks Karin, Good to hear from you. I followed your link and looked at the photos of the doll houses you had in the exhibition at the museum. Fabulous! I haven't seen a doll house yet that doesn't have something to offer. I enjoy them all. Thanks for sharing. After looking at the little metal house closer I see three markings on the roof that are each in crest like shapes. Either way I sure like it and my doll just loves it. Thanks again Karin. We shall call it the Warehouse from now on.

  3. Thank you Signe (and Amy) for showing us your new mini houses! The detail on all of them is really great. You are building up quite a nice little collection!

  4. woh,
    wonderful design looking very good i saw first time metal design for the child can you tell me where i buy these toys.