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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Party at Mary & Martin's New Stockholm House

Martin and Mary are in their new kitchen discussing the party tomorrow. Martin tells Mary about all the food he ordered that will be delivered. Right now Martin is making breakfast and is so flabergasted and excited by the new swivel faucet.
The guests arrive. Ann Marie brought a grocery bag full of Trader Joe goodies. The mom & the dad from the new Orphanage on Lundy lane have arrived also.

The Nanny from the orphanage is examining the new pink and blue bath room.

Grandma arrived and tried out the Swedish Tempurpedic bed and fell asleep instantly.

Nickie is reaching his hand out to meet one of the girls that lives at the Orphanage.

Martin is cooking up some steaks and enjoys all the friends being over. Evil baby is being rocked on the swing by his father Vinnie and this is soothing so he is behaving for a nice change. Gustav seems totally bored with the gal he is sitting with.

Erik and Marta Fjelde are sitting with their daughter Signe and just love the new house. They also just love their new house as Mary & Martin sold them their old Stockholm mansion. New on Lundby Lane is a new addition to the Fjelde Family. Yes, a baby. His name is Baby Jimmy. Millie is baby sitting right now so Marta and Erik could come to the party.

And the party continues...
And the story will continue...

Above is an overall photo of the house.

Credits: Lundby Stockholm house with pull out swimming pool and built in dust covers. I have assembled almost all my favorite Lundby things and put them in this house. What fun I had!
What fun I am having and what fun I will continue to have.


  1. and it's really fun to watch!
    I saw this house some times, because pubdoll and callsmall and petitenouveau have one. but this is so special.
    Really fun to watch, thanks for sharing.
    Uh, so many details....

  2. What a great house! I love how open and fresh it is. The red lacquer furniture would not suit at all here, but I am so happy to have it.


  3. I'm with Grandma! Love the swinf on the patio, very cool. The house looks so busy and happy! C

  4. So many dolls, so many adventures! Such fun. Love your Lundy house!