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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

It's Thanksgiving day at the Orphanage on Lundy Lane. All the peeps are warm in their nice little house and ready for the prayer before the big meal. During the meal each little peep will have their turn to say what they are grateful for today. The Orphange father figure tells all the little peeps that having an attitude of gratitude helps chase the blues away.
What are you grateful for?
Today I am grateful I woke up. Today I am grateful to know I’m not in charge of the universe. Today I am grateful to have ample food. Today I am grateful to have shelter. Today I am grateful for a loving husband who started me on my passion for miniatures. Today I am extremelly grateful for my freedom. Today I am grateful to have dear friends and wonderful family. I am also grateful to have memories and cherished thoughts of those who aren’t with us physically today. Today I am very grateful to know all you wonderful people out there in blogger land. It warms my heart in such a good way to know you.
Hope you all have a very, very nice Thanksgiving and a full day of Gratitude.
And I hope all your little dolls have a great day too.


  1. Happy thanksgiving Amy! We don't celebrate that over here, but I'm still grateful for a lot of things, and getting to know so many great people in blogger land is one of them! Have a fantastic day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Amy.

    Lovely post and a great collection. I see you also have the little pop up toaster. The Lundby kitchen units are very nice.

    I am grateful it is Friday tomorrow ... almost the weekend ... Yaaay!!! :-)

  3. A belated Happy Thanksgiving, Amy! I hope you had as happy a time as your little peeps did :-)

    We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia either, as it is of course a celebration of the pilgrims survival with the help of the Indians in Massachusetts. Actually, I don't think a Harvest Festival is really celebrated here either - it's certainly a feature of British life, but would probably be in March, which is often when Easter falls. Transporting celebrations to different hemispheres is complicated!

  4. In Poland we don't have Thanksgiving either, but I love the idea, and I like to think for what I am grateful:)))
    Hugs from Alienora