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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Caco Doll

Here she is.
Mint in Box.
Hubby named my first Caco Doll Greta.
She is just beautiful and 3/4 scale.
She fits into the Lundby World fabulously.
I love, love, love her.
I found her in a case at the local antique store filled with guy stuff like old buttons and metal hardware. There she was over in the corner looking pretty. I could not see the price tag though.

The nice folks at the antique store opened the case for me and I turned the price tag over expecting $20. or so. When I saw $6.00 she was mine, mine, mine. All mine. She even still has the original tag on her arm.

I haven't much taken her out of the box because I don't want to get her all dirty with my grubby paws. My Lundby collecting rule is items must be Lundby or better. This precious doll is much better than the Lundby dolls and I want more of them.

Credits: Caco Doll in the box. Lundby doll on the right.


  1. What a great finding! Congratulations!:)))

  2. wow, I do not have a Caco with a tag on her arm - yet... even the colour on her face is still perfect, wonderful find - and a bargain, too!

  3. She is so great - I think you are caught ;D If you ever had a caco doll you will always have more...