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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss Pretty and Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob is sitting in his office working on some paperwork.
In through the window comes a low, soft voice asking if the Doctor is in.

Dr. Bob replies why yes I am the doctor. What ails you dear? Please come in.

Miss Pretty tells the doctor that her right foot feels funny.

Dr. Bob has a look.

He tells Miss Pretty she had better lie down because he has some news to tell her.

He gently tells her that it seems her right foot has broken off. He asks about the pain. Miss Pretty says Oh Doctor it doesn't hurt because I'm a doll and we don't have any pain. I am walking funny though.

The doctor tells Miss Pretty he has the perfect thing for her and gets her a wheel chair. Miss Pretty tells the doctor how wonderful this is and that she can now get on her way.

Miss Pretty thanks the doctor and rolls out the door saying Good-Bye.

Collage photos below are close ups of the some of the highlights of the Doctors Office. All these items are from the early 1900's to 1920's, very precious and 3/4 scale.

Credits: All items in the scene are vintage or antique except for the ExLax sign and the wheel chair. Miss Pretty is perfect 3/4 scale and on her back it says Made in Hong Kong. I suspect she is rather old though because her pretty dress is slowly turning to dust.


  1. Dear Amy what a cute story :) I´m still so busy with my little Online-Shop and orders... no time for minis :/ Just want to say thank you for your sweet comments! It´s so good to know somewhere out there someone is thinking of me!

    *Hugs, Nicola

  2. Your imagination always cracks me up Amy, I love this story, so funny! And despite her clothes are turning to dust, miss Pretty still has kept her stunning beauty and can live up to her name :-)
    Great use of the opening in the side of the box,and how wonderful to have so many antiques in the 3/4 scale!

  3. Miss Amy, I think you need to put out an "all call" for a new foot for Miss Pretty....Dr. Bob might want to take her dancing and that wheelchair will pose a problem!