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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow... Glorious Snow...

Glorious Snow...

Clean, Fresh, Moist, Crisp, Milky, Shimmering...


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...
Two new Doll House posts from today are below.
Credits: Photos taken in the back yard this morning. The First Snow is always the best.
I've already filled up all the bird feeders. Time to do some cinammon baking now.


  1. Beautiful photos! We don't have much snow yet here in the lowlands of Vermont. Thanks for being the first follower of my new blog. I've been reading and enjoying your posts for a while but didn't become a follower till recently. I love reading about and seeing what your peeps are up to!

  2. Yes i love the new and untouched snow as you!! Lovely pictures!

    ... and you wrote a letter to me *sigh* - so sweet!! Thanks for all your thoughts and also prayers! Now I try to "come back" and to catch up with all your cute posts and stories... I think i´ll have a great christmas time with a lot of stories all around the Lundby lane :)

    I´m wishing you a nice 3. Advent, hugs yours Nicola