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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Doll House Table with Lamp

I found this at an Estate Sale in a glass case full of dishes and pottery.
I plugged it into my Lundby 4 Volt house for a brief moment and the bulb actually lit up although dimly.

There are no markings on the bottom other than some numbers written in pencil. I just love this table lamp although it is too big for my Lundby Houses. It is definetely 1:12 or maybe 1:10 scale.

I just wanted to share these photos. The table is made of wood. The lamp shade is made of a thin plastic with a metal stand. The lamp also swivels a bit.


  1. It's beautiful! What a great find. Looks like 1950s German - I love the combination of green, cream and the brown of the wood.

  2. What an amazing find, Amy! Like that gorgeous Pacifico furniture, you definitely have a knack for digging out treasures! The lamp is gorgeous, and I am happy it survived being jumbled in its estate sale case. It is likely 1:10 scale. I have a German lamp from a similar period, and it works very well in my large VERO house.

  3. Very cool. The green is wonderful! Cheers! CM

  4. Great little lamp! It almost looks like it could have been made with guitar picks? Love that it still works too.

  5. That lamp is wonderful, I love the shapes, materials and colour! What a great find, just too bad it's maybe too great for your peeps :-)

  6. Encuentras cosas divinas. Esta lámpara me parece de los 60. Me encanta.
    Besos Clara