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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Martin is looking everywhere for his Hot Sauce to go with the pizza he just pulled out of the oven.
He calls upstairs to let Mary know that dinner is ready.

Mary is very busy eating her chocolate ice cream cone in her posh princess sitting room and exclaims that she is not hungry.
Martin maneuvers to the bottom of the stairs to tell Mary he made chocolate cake for dessert.

Mary quickly finishes her ice cream and joins Martin. She again tells Martin that she is not very hungry for pizza but will gladly try the chocolate cake.


  1. Hmm, Mary sounds a lot like me, I love chocolate too :-) And who can blame her? That chocolate cake sure looks jummy, no wonder she will save her appetite for it!

  2. Una casa maravillosa. Muy moderna y tiene todos los electrodomesticos. Me gusta que Martin cocina. El chocolate tambien es mi perdición.
    Besos Clara