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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Antique Cass Co. OR Converse Doll House

Please say Hello to Nancy and Ronnie.
One day a trailer showed up in Peepville with an old house on it and here they are.
We now have new residents living on Ardmore Avenue.
Welcome to Peepville all the Lundby dolls exclaimed.
This post details a Cass Co. or Morton E. Converse all wood, antique doll house. It was acquired from an eBay seller. On the side door of the house written in pencil is "Mildred Byrd's Doll House". I spotted this historical information when cleaning the house. The seller could only tell me that this house came from near York, PA. Per the doll house book (Antique & Collectible Dollhouses - page 145) this could be dated to somewhere around the late 1920's. I am so pleased to be the new owner.
Photos below are of early set up and trying to figure things out so the new peeps could have a nice home to reside in.

I cut out a page from an Art Work book and used it for the back wall. I turned the house upside down and taped in some lighting.

I added some paper wall paper using painters tape. I fit a full size piece of carpet and just laid it on the floor. I have made no permanent changes to this antique house so I can easily return to it's natural state. For me this house is all about the antique chair and ottoman you see in the photo below. These pieces are the oldest doll house items I have and this house is the oldest doll house I have so I wanted them to become one. I tried to collect as many older doll house items as possible to furnish it.

So I started and things were not lining up or fitting how I wanted. I ended up taking many things from other houses on Ardmore Avenue and even on Lundby Lane.

I think I've got it to my liking. Poor Ronnie and Nancy were sitting on the porch the whole time and were just exhausted. I put in the sleeper sofa and they immediately took a nap.

Now the peeps are looking around and they think the bathroom is perfect.

Ronnie sure likes the kitchen and is so very hungry.

Time for lunch.
The dolls are pleased there is ample room for everything they need.

After lunch they are sitting and relaxing.

The only thing they wish they had was some real windows but are grateful for the way this house is because they are safe from storms and stay warm inside.
Photo below is a close up of the details which are printed directly on the wood.

Top Left: Front of house
Top Right: Side opening door
Bottom Left: Other side of house
Bottom Right: Rear of house

Living Room: Antique Kage Fireplace and Radio. Ceramic fireplace insert with hole in rear for lighting. Antique Art Nouveau Chair and foot stool. Modern Art Deco Clock on Fireplace. Lundby Sleeper Sofa.
Bathroom: Tootsie Toy Toilet, Very old ceramic bath tub. Wood Sink (?).
Kitchen: Late 60's Lundby Stove. 70's Lundby Refrigerator. Old Dol-Toi Sink. Vintage Lundby white table and two Lundby size vintage chairs.


  1. What a wonderful house! You have made it into a very cozy home for Nancy and Ronnie. Good work. They look so happy in it. I love the graphics on the outside. It gives one a glimpse into the past. As quaint as they look to us, they probably looked very chic and modern to the child of the time.

  2. Welcome, Nancy and Ronnie! I love the new house--so compact and so cozy, with all the comforts of home. Amy, I thought of you when I saw this new listing on eBay: 270704271776. I know you have the Hogarin grandparents, and they are pictured on the box with the rest of the family!

  3. What a lovely house, and such a beautiful antique chair! I love dolls houses with the owner's name on them :-) This is such a sweet little house, and looks like a very comfortable retirement home for Nancy and Ronnie with all the furnishings you've installed. Really nice :-) (and I applaud you for making your additions easily removable, too! so you and Ronnie and Nancy can enjoy it, and so can future owners.)

  4. Hi Susan. I think the graphics on the exterior are incredible. Thanks for the note. SMILE!! I finally got it together.

  5. Hi Julie. Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my way old doll house. Thanks for the link on the Hogarin items. So funny... When I did those posts on the Hogarins a dear friend in Texas had sent me her dolls to play with. So I don't own them but I had a great time playing with them. Here is the link when they were leaving Texas and on the way to Illinois. You might enjoy. It always good to hear from you.


  6. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for noticing the chair. I am thrilled it is 3/4 scale and fits my peeps perfectly. My husband thinks it's from the mid 1800's. I'm not so sure but I am sure it's the oldest pieces I have and really hard to match up tiny things with it. I agree that no permanent changes should be made to this much older doll house. It might increase the value to some but in my eyes it would ruin the original character. So hope everything is going along great for you. Thanks so much!