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Saturday, February 12, 2011

It must have Snowed Last Night

Yes, we are still digging out but it's getting better. I can't believe the neighbor saw me out in the front yard playing in the pile of snow with tiny things. I was giggling. I hope these photos give you a chuckle too. To create these scenes I dug out a bit of snow and then placed my vintage small Marx Bar-M Ranch atop the pile and then added the snow back. After checking my photos I immediately took all minis back inside to dry them out.


  1. How precious! My neighbors giggle at me too.
    Love all of these photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Can't have much more fun than that in the snow! My son looked over my shoulder as he went by and said, "Cabin fever?"
    He just doesn't understand...

  3. Wow, talk about being snowed in! Looks like the peeps are making the best of it. Your neighbor was probably curious and wanted to join in the fun! By the way, thanks for filling me in about the Hogarins--what a great story about them visiting you!

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