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Friday, December 31, 2010

Brinca Dada Remodel & Landscaping

The house was partially remodeled.
Santa brought us some nice oak trees.

Mary expanded her miniature doll collection and shows Marta.

Mary just felt like BLUE on the main living floor.

The new bathroom has been installed.
The music room has been moved and we got a new Antique car.

Overall things are looking more like home at the Brinca Dada Emerson House.

Please enjoy the photos.
Have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Brinca Dada Modern House - Mary's Christmas Present

It was meant to be.
A One Year Blogiversary Present for YOU to see.

Although Mary just moved into a new house (October) she thought it wasn't big enough.
(Mary is a very spoiled brat doll who gets almost everything she wants.)
So we had to get her the New Brinca Dada - Emerson House.
Who says dolls can't go from Vintage to Modern?

How this happened. I have always thought this house was pretty cool but did not think it would fit too well in my collection yet I found myself attracted to it. I would not just buy this house over the Internet without seeing it in person. I thought I had to go to New York to see it. Well I was on the Brinca Dada web site a short time ago and checked the link for locations near me. I about fell out of my chair. A store about 10 miles from me had the house on display. I called, I grabbed Mary and some Lundby furniture and was at the store soon after. This was not a miniature store but a store with a very smart owner who was impressed with the house and ordered a few. Well I'll be but the Lundby furniture fit nicely and Mary would not leave the house. She just flat out wanted it. I sure did too. Now it was time to coax hubby. I asked the store owner to put a hold on the house knowing full well that I didn't have room for it and the price was a bit too high. I then asked hubby to just go take a look at it. Well wouldn't ya know but hubby fell in love with the house. He thought it was art work and would fit into our home nicely. He just admired it from all angles and then paid for the house. YIPPEE!!! It was all a fluke that this happened and yet it was meant to be.

Assembly of the House. The store owner had some very smart and talented young customers who were able to assemble her floor model for her. I was fortunate enough that these super nice people were willing to come to my house and assemble mine for me. Thanks so much to Chris and Angela. It was a fun evening with them and a bit of a challenge but you can see the end result.

Regarding the Blogiversary...
It is pure joy to have lasted here one year and made so many contacts and dear friends.

  • 73 different countries have stopped by.
  • 4,366 different visitors have stopped by.
  • I have done 105 posts in one year.
Impressive I would say. Thank-You all!

Please see the Two Posts below with another 31 photos of the Emerson House by Brinca Dada.
Link to Brinca Dada's Web Site: http://www.brincadada.com/

More Photos of Mary's New House #1

The photos in this post are with the house open at 90 degrees.

There is no rhyme or reason to the photo order.

It's my present to you for my One Year Blog Anniversary.

Thanks for your love, support and inspiration.

I cut up some small sticks to use for the fireplace. That was hubby's idea.

The music room.

The Laundry Room. AAAaaahhh... One of my favorites.

One of the roof top decks. The red brick patio pavers were added
by me and did not come with the house.

The Serenity Garden.

Camping out on the roof.

I found the Ring Toss game at the Dollar Store.
It's perfect Lundby size. Martin just loves playing it.

Mary is waiting for Martin to come and cook breakfast.

Martin is still in bed watching TV.

The Easel in the corner was a Good Will find and I rehabbed it.
The art work I found at an antique store long ago and finally know why
I've had it all these years.
There is plenty of storage under the stairs. I made a panty for the little Peeps.


More Photos of Mary's New House #2

These are photos with the house closed.

You can see right through the house so in the back ground is my life size chair.

And there is my life size lamp in the back ground.

See the car parked in the garage.

The roof top decks. You can also see the solar panel.

Kinda burry but gives you a visual from the back side of the house.

Again you can see right through the house. In the back ground is my
cabinet with some of the vintage vases that I collect.

Since these photos were taken I have moved this fabulous piece of art called the Emerson House to a window location. It opens up more possiblities with a natural setting in the background.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Puder Zucker & The Hexan Haus

Another new House for the Lundbys.
This one will go on a new street called "Sugar Lane."
Here are the little peeps who were lucky I didn't eat them.

I asked hubby to make the enlcosed mix and we laughed for a long time because he doesn't know how to make Puder Zucker (powdered sugar). Now if I ever go to Germany I can ask for Puder Zucker at every meal.

This product was made in Germany for the greatest grocery store in the US called Trader Joe's. They are not in all areas so many of you many not have heard of them.

Here is the art work from the box and I just loved it.

Oh what fun I had to be a child for hours upon hours.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

GeeBee House

I've been a good girl all year so I got myself a little early Christmas Present.
Found on eBay from Minnesota US at a very reasonable cost.
This is a GeeBee House from the UK. 1:16 Scale
Estimated date from the 1960's
Below are photos of the house as I received it.
Amazingly all window frame, panes and door are intact and operational.

I spent many hours making this house my own. I used some real wall paper, some paper wall paper, an Ikea place mat and some carpet. I used painters tape to adhere all items so they are not permanent. Within 4 to 6 months the tape will not longer hold and then I can redo in a more proper fashion. I just used whatever I had to put this together.

Photos below are of the house furnished. I am displaying in my living room as a Christmas Decoration. The house measures 23 1/2" wide x 12" deep x 16 1/2" tall so it is not very large and fits into my tiny 16th scale world.

There is a kitchen and a living room downstairs with two bedrooms upstairs.

Greta the Caco girl Doll and her mom Gertrude say Thanks for stopping by.
They wish you a very Merry Christmas.