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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Estate Sale

Martin and Mary take the wagon and head over to an Estate Sale advertised as HUGE.
Mary comments to Martin that she thought HUGE would mean a lot of items.

Martin tells Mary that the word HUGE actually means LARGE.

Martin checks out an old German thermometer while Mary is inspecting a brass key holder.

Martin and Martin make their way into the jewelry room. Mary sure loves all the vintage jewelry.

Closer up Mary asks Martin if "The Incredible Shrinking Machine" is working."
She would like him to shrink some items for her.

Mary checks her box of money and continues to look around for some special items.


Credits: My mom passed earlier this year. She had collected for many years. The photos above are of the Estate Sale that is being set up. My little peeps have found many useful tiny treasures. The big beeps (hubby and I) have also found many treasures that we are keeping.


  1. I'm sad to hear of your mother's passing. It looks like she collected many beautiful things.
    I hope you sale goes well and you keep the best things for yourself.
    Blessings and Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  2. Well you are keeping up your Mom's tradition of appreciating these jewels beautifully! Happy Mother's Day to you! xoxo CM

  3. Your dolls always look so sweet when they are in the land of the giants!

  4. Hi Amy Miss you, what's new in Lundby Lane? I am as addicted to your stories as many people are to Wisteria Lane's. Does that make us Desperate (Doll)house lives? :0 CM

  5. Dear Amy, I hope you had a good estate sale and it wasn´t to hard to sell your mum´s things...

    And I hope everything else is okay?! I miss you and your little peeps!

    Hugs and good wishes, yours Nicola