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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's for dinner Martin?

What's for dinner Martin?

Martin is wondering what is going on on Lundby Lane. He has noticed that no big Peeps have stopped by lately to see what they are up too.

Estate Sale Update:

It took two months to gently clean over 2,000 pieces of crystal items, glassware and I sorted approximately 1,500 pieces of jewelry. The Estate Sale was incredible hard work but worth it as it was a success. The most challenging part was that we had to remove everything we wanted from the living areas and secure it in storage locations. We kept all the good stuff but that meant that literally everything had to be gone through. The work does not stop now though. We are waiting for a donation company to come and pack the balance of items so the house will be empty. Then the remodeling work begins. Hubby and I will be settling in after the remodel is done. Then we have our home to fix up and sell.

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Item #2 you don't know about me: The end result of all this hard work is that I will have a whole room just for my doll houses and dolls. Yes, I will have my own doll house room!!! The sign on the door will say "No adults allowed." I am doing everything is my power to achieve this goal.

The above photo is what the room looked like prior to any sorting of items. Today the room doesn't look much different other than some of the smaller items and the wall hangings have been purchased during the sale. There is also a good sized walk in closet which I will use for storage of my tiny treasures. I am determined to have the best doll house room I possibly can.

This room has not been painted in 25 years. I would love to hear any ideas about paint color that goes with Doll Houses. I haven't even thought about that yet nor do I have a clue what would look best.

Note: This was mom's store all room. The drawers were filled with old paperwork. The sofa is ancient and didn't sell. The furniture is from the 1960's. The closet was full to the brim with all sorts of stuff. If you love your children start cleaning things now. Mom grew up in the Great Depression and didn't learn how to throw things out. God Bless her though. For every ten items that were garbage there was one item that was a treasure.

Happy Day to YOU!


  1. Wow, that was a mammoth effort - 3,500 items just with the glassware and jewellery! Congratulations, I'm glad it was a success. And how wonderful that you will eventually have a dolls house room! (Mary's pretty fond of shopping too, so maybe she should also take note of your words of experience!)

  2. I know you are happy that the estate sale is over.
    So nice to hear you will have your very own dollhouse room soon! I love my craft room! In my last house I painted it aqua. That's a great color for displaying all sorts of things, including dollhouses!

  3. Dear Amy, it took my sis, brother and me a whole year to get my Mom's house ready for the estate sale...but we were able to share a lot of good memories with almost every item we sorted and cleaned.
    I am so happy you will have a special place for Lundby Lane! I painted my dollhouse room a sky blue...makes me feel like all my little houses are having a sunny day under a clear sky! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. What a huge effort you put into the sale, but I missed your 'peeps' and look forward to hearing more adventures from Lundby Lane. It's good to have you back.


  5. We knew you were up to something important to take you away from us.
    Congrats on your estate sale success and new dollhouse room.
    Mine is painted cream and no matter how hard I try it does not stay well ordered! Perhaps your dolls will be better behaved. CM

  6. Now I understand what´s going on and why you worked/still work "like a dog" - so much work to do! My parents live since 30 years in the same house and they don´t like to trash things, neither...

    But WOW!!! You will have your own Lundby room!!!! I´m really jealous :) Hum, and which colour would I choose? Maybe a creamy yellow, that goes with a lot of other colours and is pretty light, so you can display all the houses and tiny things without using to many lights. I would love to come over and furnish this room with you! And I love the idea with the sign!!