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Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Things

Who doesn't love a bargain?

I can't afford gobs of money on new things but I can rejoice when I get a real deal. I love to exclaim "SCORE" when I find things I want for a very reasonable price. I hosted a two day community garage sale the weekend after the Estate Sale. I was able to wander to the neighbors garages to see what they had. Oh Joy! I found a deal. A nice gentleman had a vintage diorama that included a cheap plastic china cabinet that was loaded with tiny goodies. I negotiated to a final price of $4.00.

Upon returning to my garage it took less then two minutes to pry the back of that diorama open to reap the bounty of tiny treasures. On the dressing table all the items displayed were inside the cheap cabinet. I love the blue swans on the mirror and the other two items. This group of items are all silver and Marta seems to like them also.

Also inside the diorama were two plastic side tables with tiny treasures glued to them. I usually don't like glue but these will stay as is. The orange jello dish on the coffee table is not new to me. The coat hanger up against the wall is brittle plastic but can be used. The lamp is not new to me. The retro wood love seat and coffee table were eBay wins. I usually don't get these because I always get outbid. These two items were listed as "Retro doll house furniture" and did not have the word LUNDBY in the description. Even those items are mostly found by collectors and I do not get them.

The rug in the photo is Lundy but not new to me. Now the gentlemen who had the diorama told me he had another one exactly the same and that I could have it also for $4.00. Last heard he still hasn't located it. Eventually he will find it and then another one of my precious dolls can have the same fine accessories for their nice home.

Credits: Lamp, Rug, Wood love seat and coffee table are Lundby. Items that were removed from the diorama are either Chrysnabon or hand made using beads and trinkets.

Item #3 you don't know about me. I am not afraid of hard work. Everything I have is due to my own hard work. The rewards of working hard and getting something you want is immeasurable. My first job was working at a Hot Dog place during high school. I had to walk one mile to get to school and after school I would walk two miles to get to work. Thanks to everybody and your very nice comments. I am currently working very hard to reach some awesome goals.


  1. Awwww, I like your new tiny teasures!! And I know the feeling how happy you are, if you get something what did not have the word LUNDBY in the description AND all the other collectors didn´t find it or want it :) This brings always a BIG smile on my face! Congrats being a Glückspilz again!

    And I guess it´s good not to be afraid of hard work, because it´s so satisfying to get something as the result of hard work! Nice fact to know about you - you are hardworking like a bee :)!!

    Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola

  2. Your treasures are divine. What I also admire is the floor lamp with the rectangle shade.

    My first job was in a Burrito shop... C

  3. I LIKE the way you have placed the seating area at the bottom of the stairs! I always find that room so hard to decorate...you can come decorate my houses anytime! Hugs to you my hard working friend!

  4. Lovely pictures and treasures! I think we all love the feeling of a "score," and you have articulated it so well here. Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your loveseat, congratulations on finding it! And the side tables with the tiny treasures and the swans are also lovely. You really have a gift of finding great bargains! And agree with Florine, you have made great use of that hallway room. I have read your older posts as well, love getting to know you a little better, post by post, fact by fact.

  6. hi amy, I love your loveseat too and the fotos of the setting. congrats to this great find. The vanity is adorable too, I love everything made from thin wooden pieces. I'm searching for such a couch with the matching chairs too, because they are my dream-furniture. If you like to swap let me know. If you find one in the huge wide web, please let me know that I get the chance of buying or winning it.
    many thanks and go on with your beautiful blogging.