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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Primitive Doll House Furniture

A long, long time ago a carpenter built me a home made doll house. The photos below are of the Primitive Doll House Furniture I made out of balsa wood. When the carpenter went out of my life so did the doll house but the furniture stayed with me.

The old handmade doll house furntiure was put away in a box for two decades. Today Marta and her son Gus took a look at it and laughed and laughed. Then they rushed home to appreciate all the fine Lundby furnishings they have.

This is #1 in the list of 10 things you don't know about me. I was almost 20 years old when I made these items. I had no training and no idea what I was doing. Had I applied for a job on the Lundby Design team they would have chucked and giggled I'm sure but maybe I would have gotten a job because I showed potential. We shall never know.

Credits: The Dolls - Marta and her son Gustav (Gus) are by Lundby. Room box is by Ikea.


  1. I think you did a GREAT job...and little did you know what would this would lead to so many years later!
    I love the chair and the chaise...add some pillows and some books etc to your bookshelf!

    I can't wait to see what #2 on your list of ten thing will be....

  2. Wow - you were a doll´s furniture maker :) great! I think you made it well, i always sewed, knitted, crocheted or stitched something for my Lundby house and the dollies and making furniture is much more difficult!

    Thanks for the first random fact about you - I can´t wait for the other nine :)

    And I hope you don´t have to work that much for longer, so we will have you back here again!


  3. Marta and Gus should remember that antique primitive furniture is much sought after. These just haven't reached the point where people start to see them as desirable again :-)

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