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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hogarins left some Photos

These photos were found on my camera. They must have been taken by Rigoberta and Felipe when they were visiting recently. I will attempt to figure out just where these happy looking dolls were when they took all the photos.

Now for the first photo they must have gone to the local space center.

Rigoberta must have gone to do laundry.

Looks like the local goat came in and scared her.

Oh, this photo is from the park with the statues.

This photo must be from the boardwalk. Felipe looks mesmorized by a cicada shell.

Dear Felipe and Rigoberta,
Call me at 1-800-Got-Dolls if you want me to send you copies of your photos.
Love, Millie


  1. Que alegria, volver a ver a la parejita!!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Hehe-funny shots :) Love the one with the goat!

    ...and what is Nickie doing??


  3. lol - I love it that the dolls went on a trip and took such great photos. :-)

  4. Felipe and Rigoberta have been very quiet since they returned...should I assume they are just resting up? :)