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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mary Prefers Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate is Mary's favorite ice cream flavor. I took her on a trip to see if she liked her new Doll House Room. The problem is that she doesn't know that she is just a doll. She is sure she is real. Her hair got all wind blown in the car because she loves the breeze in her hair.

She sat and ate her ice cream while she looked around.

The ice cream cone seemed to be the only thing that pleased her.

She was aghast at her surrounding. She looked disgusted and asked "Where is my house?

Where is Martin? Where are my things? Why is this so dirty? Where is the grass? Do I have to live here?" When dolls are upset they seem to be very difficult and ask so many questions.

I explained to Mary that this will be her new Town. I tried to convince her it will be bigger and better and that her house will still be on Lundby Lane. Mary wasn't happy at all.

Lights Out!

Mary wouldn't come with me. She insisted on staying.
She told me she wanted to start cleaning.
I'll go back and check on her in a couple days.
Note: I'm having some computer troubles (monitor) and am working on a cost effective resolution. Thank you to all the World Wide visitors and to all the wonderful miniature fans that left me wonderful comments.


  1. Oh, Amy - sooooo very cute :) I hope she will clean everything for you... hum, and maybe she could paint the walls, too ;D It would be so great if our dolls would do our work sometimes!

    Hope you find a good solution for the pc!

    Hugs, Nicola

  2. I love chocolate too! If you get her to work for you, share the secret how with us! Happy Summer CM

  3. If Mary wants to clean, send her to my house....and tell her there will be lots of chocolate ice cream!