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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Searching for Millie and Mary

The dolls on Lundby Lane has waited a couple days for Millie to return. She went out on horseback to find Mary. Concern seeps into their souls. Now both Millie and Mary are out in the big world somewhere. Martin takes Mary's wagon of money to the local car dealer and buys the first good car on the lot. They must now go out and search for Mary and Millie. Marta waves Good-Bye as the gentlemen fasten in and start the engine.

Marta has sent them off with a few supplies. Martin has his thermos of coffee. Vinnie has the jar of M&M's so they have something good to eat. Erik wisely brought along the tool box as they are unfamiliar with this new car.

Away they go with a serious look on their faces. They are determined to find the gals.

Will they find Millie?

Will they find Mary?

Will Vinnie share the M&M's?


  1. Hahahahaha! Love this post! The guys really do look very serious about this!

  2. The Lundby car is so cool! That´s one of the things I have on my wishlist, too.

    I like your little story very much but I would be very happy too, to know some more "facts" about you :)