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Friday, June 4, 2010

Searching for Mary

Martin calls over Erik and Vinnie. He is very concerned. Not only can't he locate his new glasses but he also can't find Mary. She's been gone a couple days now. Martin has an idea though. He has the keys to Millie's car and wonders if the guys could go and look for her.

Martin calls Millie over to ask if he can use her car. Millie tells that the car won't start and she doesn't know what is wrong with it. Vinnie offers to check the car and fix it if he can. Millie sees the concern on Martin's face. Her heart is full of compassion and can sense his loneliness. She offers to go out on horseback to search for Mary.

And away Millie goes on her favorite horse named Peaches. They ride through the grasslands looking for clues and any sign of Mary.

She continues through the chipped wood lands and constantly yells Mary's name.

They take a rest and have a drink while in the Red Rock Canyon.

No sign of Mary. The search proceeds.

Millie climbs as high as she can onto the Buddha Statue and yells Mary's name. There is no response and still no clues to where Mary is.

Will Millie find her?

Will the car get fixed?

Oh where is Mary...


  1. I know where she is! I know where she is! Follow the chocolate trail! :)

    Lovely landscapes, Miss Amy!

  2. OH - poor Martin and helpful Millie! Cute story, too :) It´s fun to take pictures outside when the weather is fine, isn´t it?! I had so much fun with my pool I can´t stop taking picture - until that moment i saw it was leak...

    I hope Martin will find Mary soon and maybe he could help her...


  3. Amy, Just mentioned you on my other blog leftcoastmini Did you see it? You are my Lundby Expert. (The bloomers are ok, but do we have to wear those big bows???) C