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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where is Everybody?

Marta and Ann Marie haven't seen their husbands in a couple days. They are pondering setting out to search for Martin & their husbands who left in the new car to find Mary and Millie. The children gather to listen in on the conversation. Marta thinks it best to go out and look for them. She has gathered some supplies. Ann Marie suggests they borrow Mary's wagons and agrees to head out on foot. Nickie will watch the ground for tracks and any clues as to the missing dolls.

Marta says "Let's get packed up and get walking."

The wagons are loaded. The groceries they have should last for a few days. Antony is holding Signe's doll so she can help with the wagons. Gustav will help steer. Antony is old enough to mostly understand but Evil baby thinks he's going to the park.

Marta says "LET's ROLL!"

And away they go.

Will they find Mary?

Will they find Millie?

Will they find Martin, Erik and Vinnie?

Will the food last?

Will Evil baby behave?

Where is Everybody?


  1. Now....I'm starting to worry!

  2. I hope they all end up in the same place, as I don't think they have mobile phones!

  3. Yes, I really wonder what´s going on! Hum, maybe they all will reach the new room/home soon, Rebecca - I hope so!


  4. I love how the purses are lined up in front of the women when they are sitting down. So true to life. The "wagon train" looks like fun! C

  5. Ha, ha, I love this ongoing story, but I do share Rebecca's concerns!
    Is Lundby Lane totally deserted now, except perhaps the trolls?

  6. You guys are great!!! All the little peeps are in the new room closet waiting for the paint to dry and for their houses to be delivered. So funny about the trolls Pubdolls. LOL So good to know you all. Thanks ever so much.