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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Boy oh boy but that Lundby has some exceptional quality miniatures.
I got this table a while back from the UK. It was in it's original package.

What a treat. The details are impeccable. We would love to find a life size table just like this.

The photo below is of the Doll House Room.
Yes, it needs help.

Sorry I've been so quiet. "Life is what happens to you when you make plans". I have been so busy working on life size houses that my walls of miniatures hasn't been situated yet. I did plan to set up my Doll House Room first and foremost but the big houses have been so demanding. Busy, Busy, Busy...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Packing Up and Moving

The two photos below are of the early packing.

The contents are all kitchen related items.
At this time I wasn't even done gathering the kitchen items.

Oh the joys of tiny treasures.

It only took one and a half years to acquire all these goodies. I am amazed by the amount of precious little things I have. I am packing by room type so when I unpack I can create a new all the houses I have.

I wanted to post and let everybody know I'm moving. I've been remodeling our new home and remodeling our old home to put up For Sale. It's been very challenging having 2 kitchens, 2 garages, 2 living areas, 2 dining rooms, 3 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms to spruce up. The work seems endless but I know if I keep at it all the goals will be accomplished. I've had the hardest time packing up my doll houses. I just didn't want them out of my sight. All seven of my wonderful, precious houses are neatly packed and ready for the journey. The best part is that I have one whole room dedicated to my doll houses at the new home. This will allow ample opportunity for maximum play time. It is so good to be an adult and act like a kid.
Common Sense Tip: If you ever want to remodel please only do once house at a time.
Monday June 14th, 2010 - Today I dismantle the computer and move it hoping the new DSL line works fine in the new home as it currently has a Dial-Up Modem.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where is Everybody?

Marta and Ann Marie haven't seen their husbands in a couple days. They are pondering setting out to search for Martin & their husbands who left in the new car to find Mary and Millie. The children gather to listen in on the conversation. Marta thinks it best to go out and look for them. She has gathered some supplies. Ann Marie suggests they borrow Mary's wagons and agrees to head out on foot. Nickie will watch the ground for tracks and any clues as to the missing dolls.

Marta says "Let's get packed up and get walking."

The wagons are loaded. The groceries they have should last for a few days. Antony is holding Signe's doll so she can help with the wagons. Gustav will help steer. Antony is old enough to mostly understand but Evil baby thinks he's going to the park.

Marta says "LET's ROLL!"

And away they go.

Will they find Mary?

Will they find Millie?

Will they find Martin, Erik and Vinnie?

Will the food last?

Will Evil baby behave?

Where is Everybody?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Searching for Millie and Mary

The dolls on Lundby Lane has waited a couple days for Millie to return. She went out on horseback to find Mary. Concern seeps into their souls. Now both Millie and Mary are out in the big world somewhere. Martin takes Mary's wagon of money to the local car dealer and buys the first good car on the lot. They must now go out and search for Mary and Millie. Marta waves Good-Bye as the gentlemen fasten in and start the engine.

Marta has sent them off with a few supplies. Martin has his thermos of coffee. Vinnie has the jar of M&M's so they have something good to eat. Erik wisely brought along the tool box as they are unfamiliar with this new car.

Away they go with a serious look on their faces. They are determined to find the gals.

Will they find Millie?

Will they find Mary?

Will Vinnie share the M&M's?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Searching for Mary

Martin calls over Erik and Vinnie. He is very concerned. Not only can't he locate his new glasses but he also can't find Mary. She's been gone a couple days now. Martin has an idea though. He has the keys to Millie's car and wonders if the guys could go and look for her.

Martin calls Millie over to ask if he can use her car. Millie tells that the car won't start and she doesn't know what is wrong with it. Vinnie offers to check the car and fix it if he can. Millie sees the concern on Martin's face. Her heart is full of compassion and can sense his loneliness. She offers to go out on horseback to search for Mary.

And away Millie goes on her favorite horse named Peaches. They ride through the grasslands looking for clues and any sign of Mary.

She continues through the chipped wood lands and constantly yells Mary's name.

They take a rest and have a drink while in the Red Rock Canyon.

No sign of Mary. The search proceeds.

Millie climbs as high as she can onto the Buddha Statue and yells Mary's name. There is no response and still no clues to where Mary is.

Will Millie find her?

Will the car get fixed?

Oh where is Mary...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mary Prefers Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate is Mary's favorite ice cream flavor. I took her on a trip to see if she liked her new Doll House Room. The problem is that she doesn't know that she is just a doll. She is sure she is real. Her hair got all wind blown in the car because she loves the breeze in her hair.

She sat and ate her ice cream while she looked around.

The ice cream cone seemed to be the only thing that pleased her.

She was aghast at her surrounding. She looked disgusted and asked "Where is my house?

Where is Martin? Where are my things? Why is this so dirty? Where is the grass? Do I have to live here?" When dolls are upset they seem to be very difficult and ask so many questions.

I explained to Mary that this will be her new Town. I tried to convince her it will be bigger and better and that her house will still be on Lundby Lane. Mary wasn't happy at all.

Lights Out!

Mary wouldn't come with me. She insisted on staying.
She told me she wanted to start cleaning.
I'll go back and check on her in a couple days.
Note: I'm having some computer troubles (monitor) and am working on a cost effective resolution. Thank you to all the World Wide visitors and to all the wonderful miniature fans that left me wonderful comments.