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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22nd Martin has been cooking all afternoon.

A closer look at my tasty treats!

Martin here saying HELLO again! Oh gosh have I been busy. I got the outdoor deck about ready for Xmas eve and then I’ve been in the kitchen all afternoon. I was able to clean up the mess before you stopped by. I wonder where Mary is. Well I’m ready to have a nice cold root beer. I think Mary will be pleased. I’ve got the Cornish hens resting. I’ve finished the Large Green Swedish pie (old neighborhood tradition) that is chilling on the scale. On the side board I have the pizza done and the cherry cheesecake ready to go. I got the Christmas table cloth out and ironed it. The chocolate with chocolate ganache and chocolate wipped icing cake is ready. The bread is tasty and done. The homemade candies are in the red dish ready for Mary to taste. The Jell-O dish is prepared. The vegetable dish and fruit bowl look pretty good. Now all I need is for my lovely wife to come home and kiss me on the forehead because I even took the garbage out. Oh where is Mary...


  1. Amy, you are creating the "perfect man" in Martin...so get him some Trader Joe's Kettle Korn to go with that root beer! and a warm jacket for the next time he's up on the roof-top garden!

  2. Martin sounds to good to be true, but my hubby is just as perfect, so such men do exist :-)
    Lovely kitchen, everything fits so well together and Martin sure has made a lot of delicious looking food!