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Saturday, December 26, 2009

26th Christmas Day for the Big & Little Peeps

The photo below is of what Hubby got for Christmas. I wrapped each item so he'll never know how many gifts he actually received. My present was to sit and watch. He just loved everything. He got out the magnifying glass and started inspecting. He told me where to put the Candleabra. He started figuring what should go where. He got so excited about finally having the red curtains for his special red kitchen. He immediately started working on names for the new neighbors. We laughed and laughed. He wondered where we should put the lamp post. He was so impressed with the new rugs. He told me Martin would be cooking up some treats for Mary soon. He suggested I get some girlie items to put in the purses. His belly jiggled with amusement and his spirit was filled with extreme joy from the miniatures and smalls bestowed upon him. It was the BEST!!!With help from wonderful Lundby pals and others I amassed a flea market's worth of Vintage Lundby items. Oh the pure joy! Our bellies rumbled as we matched the new adult lady dolls with the handsome new males and figured out who was going to live where on Lundby Lane. We have some very nice Swedish folks moving in. We also have some Italian looking folks who have a son. We hope to meet them all soon. Stay tuned...

Hubby cooks Christmas dinner. All days prior to Xmas consisted of gettting ready for work, working all day, having a bite to eat then sleeping. This went on for days. He looks so tired yet content. I'd been asking for the homemade lasagna since fall and I finally got it! All ingredients were from Trader Joe's. The best grocery store ever! Yipee!!! I love YOU Honey... I pray you have a wonderful long sleep. I'll get busy working on Lundby Lane.


  1. Love your hubby's new families! Can't wait to see Martin and Mary's new neighbors homes on Lundby Lane...so get busy playing!

  2. You have an exceptional husband, even though my hubby helps me blogging, I never could have given him miniature presents!
    But yours got many very nice items, I love the lamp post, and the dolls look great, cant't wait to take a closer look :-)

  3. Hi Helene, Good to hear from you. You know, hubby and I are both Norwegian folks. I showed him your Lego church today and he is in awe. He thinks you are very special! Last Xmas he gave me my first Gothenberg. This year I collected and searched the planet for Lundby items for him. It was so much fun to watch him open little gift after little gift. Now I've got a problem though. He keeps changing the doll names he wants. He's tell me where to put what, who gets what. I've been telling him to be nice or I will strip his namesake doll Martin and leave him out in the cold. Or worse yet I would put a pink dress on him! I am so grateful he loves it as much as I do. I'll be posting again soon. I have so many ideas and not enough time. Thanks so much. You are very special!! Amy

  4. Thanks again Amy! So fun you're both Norwegians! My hubby isn't into miniatures, but he has also changed some of my doll's names. The architect Arne Vaa had earlier a different name, but I thought my husbands suggestion was much better. He and my son has also invented a whole family for Arne Vaa. More to come on that :-)