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Monday, December 21, 2009

21st Less than a Year Later...

The Great Fun Continues...
My Stockholm Mansion!
To think this took less than 365 days to create makes me chuckle aloud. When I am on a mission I stay focused. Oh the joy, bliss, glee, delight, amusement, merriment, excitement and bottom of the belly laughter will not stop anytime soon.


  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome!
    I enjoy looking at your pictures, look forward to seeing more.
    I am very curious, what your husband has for you this christmas. He must be a wonder!

  2. Wow, you have been busy this year :-) Does your husband regret the Christmas present now? :-)

  3. Dear Oese and Pubdoll, Thanks so very much. It's not what my husband gets me for Christmas this year. It is about what I get him this year! My husband has no regrets. He thinks he might love you too. He has enjoyed every second of it. To make me laugh he will move the rubber duck from the bathroom and put it on the stove and little things like that. Stay tuned as there are more miniature adventures to come. Thanks again. It is wonderful to share my excitement and passion!

    I would like to send a personal THANK-YOU to a dear doll house friend, Flo in Houston who has inspired much of this. I can't thank you enough. I sure hope this entertains you a little.

  4. welcome here, dear amy :)

    great to meet another lundby fan here in the www :)


  5. Thanks so much Nicola. I think LUNDBY people are a very special bunch. Stay tuned because I'm new and should be posting daily for a bit while I have some time. My head is whirling with ideas. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh Wow! When seen as a collection, you can see why the Lundby range was and is so loved.