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Sunday, December 27, 2009

27th More of My Favorite Things...

When I first received the Lundby bags in my Advent calendar I quickly thought they were just too darn big. Shortly after I lost my job I decided to get busy and try to make some smaller ones. The two bags that say Merry Christmas on them are made by Lundby. The other five bags in the photo were made by me. I'm so glad I took the time. I examined the Lundby bags and made a pattern and away I went looking for the thick paper and adornments. I also have plainer bags that I use for groceries. The fancy bags I use to store extra clothes in and put in the wardrobe or leave them out for decor. I have some extra of these bags that are currently listed on eBay along with some Lundby size vintage groceries.



  1. These are great, Amy - I love the papers you've found. Must have a go myself!

  2. Why hello there... What worked best for me was from a gift wrap bag. The paper wasn't too thin nor too thick to work with and they are holding up great. The brown paper bags I made from grocery bags. Kinda thick but not too thin also. Can't wait to see what you create. Thanks much Rebecca.