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Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Blog - How it all started...

My husband is a thoughtful man who enjoys watching me have fun. He wandered into a local antique store prior to Christmas 2008 and found the deal of a life time. He purchased it without question and left the store not knowing what he had, but he knew he had something good. On Christmas morning he told me to clear the coffee table. I thought I was done opening the usual type of presents. He told me again to clear the coffee table so I did. Here came this big package wrapped neatly in one of those large Xmas bags. I needed every inch of that coffee table for my very first LUNDBY Doll's House. I was in awe. Each room had some goodies packaged in it. With each discovery I moved further and further towards speechless until I was only able to giggle and shake with pure joy while I kept opening and opening. He enjoyed watching me.

I installed all the Lundby items I had received and added what other items I had. Note the plastic fireplace and out of scale furniture. I was so happy! I wanted to cover up the little holes in the walls because I didn't know what they were for. This was my best Christmas present ever! As a child my folks were just plain ole hardworking folks. We always had food on the table and decent clothes to wear but never was a doll house to be found.
It is NEVER too Late to have a happy Childhood!


  1. Welcome to the blogworld Amy, so nice to have more Lundby lovers here!

    I love your house, so many nice details, what a splendid gift from your husband! (I think I love him too :-)) My favourite furniture in your house is the fantastic bookcase to the right on the first floor!

  2. Told you told you told you!! You are going to really really enjoy this! Welcome Welcome Welcome little miss Lundby lover!

  3. Wow, your hubby is a keeper. So wonderful that he's still supportive with your growing collection. Congrats on one year and counting of blogging.