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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22nd Christmas is Coming on Lundby Lane

Hello, Good to see you today! I am Martin J. Stockholm and I live on Lundby Lane with my lovely wife Mary. I hope you can help me because I am very troubled. This is our first Christmas in our new Mansion and the fireplace chimney is much smaller than our older house. I am trying to figure out how to get down this chimney. My wife Mary sent me up to our roof top deck to get things all settled for Christmas Eve. My feet got so cold I started a little fire. Wish I had a thermos for my coffee. I’ve also got to get the tree decorated and bring up more chairs. Christmas is in a couple days and we’ll be having some neighborhood friends over for a bonfire, hot chocolate and homemade treats. I am also the cook in the family and wait till you see the mess I made in the kitchen. I’ve got to keep busy so I stay warm and can get everything done. Sorry but Mary isn’t here right now. She’s out shopping again today and she won’t tell me anything about it. I am sure you will get to meet her later. I wonder what little treasures she has in store for me. She is the perfect Christmas elf and loves to bring me joy and that is why I spoil her so. Hope to see you all again.


You might want to check in on my twin brother Hans. He lives in Sweden with this family. They are getting ready for Christmas too. I taught him how to cook. :-)

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  1. Hi Amy, I was so busy the last days before Christmas so now I'm catching up :-)
    Fun little story, love the Santa shopping bag, and thanks for the link to Hans :-)