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Sunday, December 27, 2009

27th Some of my Favorite Things...

A Lundby Vase is on the left in the photo. I went to my first Miniature Show and Oh My Gosh... I went back the next day with my Lundby dolls and precious furniture items in tow. I had to be sure everything was the right size. I purchased the two vases on the right. They were handmade in England a few years back and I was told the artist was no longer in business. Then Hubby took me to the only Miniature store still in business in the Chicagoland area and purchased the tiny roses to put in the vases. My rule is "It must be LUNDBY or better". Once in a while I do find better! Very happy that Miniature store isn't close by either! We only visit on special occassions because I get lost inside for hours and hours.Below are two Antique Store finds. The box of Tinsel on the left has actual foil made to look like small strands of tinsel in it. I forked over a whole 50 cents for that. The little book on the right I find amazing. The title is "Santa Claus - Paper Dolls in Full Color". I also bought that at the antique store in a tiny lot of books for 50 cents. The Xmas tablecloth I made from vintage fabric.
The setting below was inspired by Swede Pat and Lundby. She sent me two very old Lundby placemats with tiny plates glued on and a fork attached. I could not find anymore of those in current Lundby items so... During my summer travels I searched everywhere I could for vintage small print fabric. If the fabric was dirty I would clean it with some mild soap and then starch it and press it flat. I would then figure out the size I wanted and begin cutting. (Very hard to get straight lines for me.) Once I got the size and shape I wanted I would pull the tiny threads to fray the edges just the other Lundby items. Then I made the white placemats to add to the tablecloth. Then I went mad and made very tiny squares for napkins and folded them so they looked very life like. A tiny dab of glue holds the center and I was agast at what I could create. So I continued and made the tiny chair decor thingies. I'm not a fancy lady but I sure do want my Lundby Peeps to have the best of everything.
Thanks for letting me share. More posts to come. The next miniature show in the area is early January and I don't care if its blizzarding and ice blocks are falling out of the sky, I will get there. I'm sure they'll remember me. I went the first day last time by myself. The second day hubby showed up to join in the fun and to pull me out of there before I sold the house for more miniatures.


  1. Very nice napkins! (I have those cups as well, I have kept them from my childhood) I have a huge collection of small patterned fabrics, but most of them are too thick to be used as napkins ans such things.

    You got such nice things in the antique store, love both the tinsel and the book.

    And most women wants to get red roses from their husbands, but only a few of us prefer to get them in miniature :-)

  2. Hi Amy, is the store you mention Lolly's? I took a road trip out there from the east coast last spring to pick up a house I bought on eBay that was created from a Lolly's kit. What a great store! Thanks for sharing your finds, and your experiences at the mini show!

  3. Hi PubDoll. It is so nice to get the men involved. They are creative. Can't wait for more fun. I think my hubby has it easy. He makes me smile with teeny tiny roses that last.

    Hi Callsmall. Nice to hear from you. The Miniature Store I know of is in Frankfort, IL. The name of the store is "All Small". They have artisan made items along with many, many doll house items and houses. Most items are 1:12 scale but I can find smaller items there. I just googled Lolly's. Thanks... I guess there is another one close to me. Web site says items are from Handley House. I must check it out! Not too, too far from me. I am saving up for the mini show. Can't wait!

  4. I love the details and the napkins really caught my eye.