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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grandma is Back

Everybody is waiting for Grandma to wake up.
Grandma is still sleeping.
Well there she is. I can't hear what she's saying.

She looks as to be telling an important story.

Good thing Martin and Mary preserved the 1953 Marx Tin house that is on Ardmore Avenue. Somebody had left years earlier with all contents intact.

Note the interior door bell in the upper right of the collage. It still works. I got this special Tin House at an auction that advertised a Lundby/Barton/Caroline's Home house. When I got there what they did have was a very old, beat up (frame cracked, windows missing, filled with cob webs, smelly) Caroline's Home Doll House. I ended up with this 1953 Vintage House and it is perfect scale for 1:16 and Grandma's home is now filled with the smells of her baking. I wonder who's Grandma she is.


  1. La casita esta preciosa!!
    Y los habitantes muy simpaticos!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. It looks like a great house! Is that a cupboard or room divider with the blue shelving and figurines? I really like that tiny blue deer :-)

  3. I like how you have used so many different brands of furniture in Grandma's house...just like a REAL grandma's house! Interesting about the asian statues also....is Grandma a collector of many things? :)

  4. Hi. What is Grandma baking? It isn't Hansel and Gretel is it? Oh, I'm sorry I'm so naughty. I'll go sit in Norma's corner.
    The house is adorable. Isn't it funny how sometimes the advertised object is awful and sometimes treasures appear where not expected...xoxo CM

  5. It really does look just as you imagine a grandma's house to be. :-}

  6. I am amazed you all show interest. Yes, Rebecca there is a blue plastic room divider. I had to take it out to get it clean. The tiny blue deer and other items are attached. And yes, Flo items are from my mom's (Verna's) collection. I am sorting things with my mini eye to reap tiny treasures. Thanks CM, gives me ideas. Thanks for stopping by Pandora and Ascension. Appreciate it! I am thinking I'll take more photos to showcase the highlights of this Vintage House. Hubby just loves this house.