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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gustav's (Gus) New Rooms

Welcome to Gustav's (Gus Fjelde) New Rooms.

Marta has hired the local construction crew (Vinnie) to install a couple more rooms because the kids are growing up and each needs his/her own space. These are Gus's new rooms. Gus loves music and hanging out with the DeSalvo brothers. Here he is spinning a record for the guys to groove to. They all sit, relax and groove out to the music.

Now for Gus's new bedroom. As you can see it was from Ikea. Gus loves trains, miniature tractors and cars just like most boys do. He also loves Marble Statues.
(The statues are plastic and not marble of course but dolls don't know these things.)

The boys are playing and making a mess. Nickie is examining the globe trying to figure out where Verna & Arlene (the Flagg dolls) live because they are on his mind constantly. Antony and Gus are playing with the statues, vehicles and have already thrown the pillows all around. Boys, boys, boys... It seems the cow tried to jump over the car but the car got stuck.

Nickie is so jealous of Gus because he would love his own room too. He has to share with little brothers Antony and the Evil baby. Nickie sure is growing up.
Below is a photo of Gus's old room. He had to share the corner of the house with his sister Signe. Gus is much happier now that he has a bigger bed (big boy size) and his very own music room. Marta is very happy also as she can set up a nice quiet place of her own in that corner of the house. She's not sure yet what she'll do but I bet she will show me when she's done.
Oh the good things that happen on Lundby Lane! Joy, Joy, Joy...
Credits: Two Ikea Vegetable bins were used for the new rooms.


  1. What a terrific bedroom Gus has now! And a music room! He must be very happy. But what about poor Signe, doesn't she deserve her own room too? Or at least all the space in that corner of the house, which Marta is eyeing off for herself? Otherwise I see some more sibling rivalry and squabbling happening :-(

  2. Love the scene of the boys playing in the bedroom...brought back a lot of memories...
    Is the music room for the family or just the territory of Gus?
    Have to agree with Rebecca, what about Signe? IT'S NOT A MAN'S WORLD ANYMORE...and that includes boys! Great post!

  3. Wonderful photo scenes - I love Gus' leather belt.