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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The TROLLS visit the Gotland

Meet the Trolls...

The Trolls have checked into the Gotland Summer Cottage early. They are time share owners so they had keys and did not wait to be greeted. They have the Ouija board set up, a candle is lit and they are asking the board for coordinates for their GPS which is on the table.

Martin knocks at the door. The Trolls ask him to just come in. Martin is filthy from cleaning up in the barn. He always likes to welcome the visitors when they arrive but not this time.

Martin comes on in and looks around.

He steps over and asks how things are so far. The Trolls say that everything is great and that they even finished decorating for their stay. Martin then asks what the Ouija board is for. The Trolls tell him they are asking the board about the weather for their hiking adventure.

The Trolls have requested Chocolate Cake, spoons and a block of ice. Martin always provides food that has been asked for from the list of many choices the Gotland offers. All the Trolls wanted was chocolate cake so Martin made them two of them. He also left them a wide assortment of silver spoons and a large block of ice in the freezer.

Martin leaves and the Green Haired Leader digs into one cake with a spoon.

The three other Trolls share the second cake.

When the leader is done eating he tells them it's time to go and to bring all the spoons.
And out the door they go singing a happy tune.



Hours and hours have passed. The GPS coordinates have been accurate and most beneficial. The Trolls have found a plethora of red jasper, many quartz, assorted tiger eyes and a large amethyst precious gemstone. They also saw a lot of deer but they made Troll noises and the deer pranced and scattered further into the forest.

"SCORE" says the Yellow Haired Troll as he raises his fists in excitement. They all stand in amazement at the great rocks they have dug up with just two shovels and many silver spoons. The lady Troll has wandered off to smell the flowers.

The leader tells the group that it's going to be a good Rock Hunting year because luck is finally on there side. He then tells them to go inside because now it's time to play Titanic! They scurry to get the boat and the block of ice.

Hey... Close the Door!!!

The Trolls are investors in the Gotland but they aren't here to make friends. They have learned from a famous geologist & map surveys that many exquisite gemstones are buried on the land nearby and in caverns and caves. Gee... No wonder why they showed up with so much cash and begged to become investors.

Credits: The itty bitty peeps in the boat are 1:87 HO scale and are made for Train Collectors. These specific ones came in a package of six by Preiser and were made in the Federal Republic of Germany. Hand painted in Maurituis. Too bad they didn't come with a life raft.


  1. How do you know so much about trolls, Amy?
    I can't wait to see how they play "Titanic"....should I worry about the little people in the tiny boat?

  2. Hahaha - such a cool and funny story again :D *LOL*

    My girls had tons of these ugly little persons in the 90s and still don´t know if i like them or not?! But i definitively don´t like these lil´ troll peeps in your Gotland :/ seems they just came to make a big deal and play weird games, like Titanic - poor little peeps in the boat!!


  3. Very interesting! I have learnt a lot about Trolls from this post - like Nicola, I don't think I really like them, though! I do wonder how the other timeshare owners will feel about the trolls digging up mineral wealth from the ground they all share, though! Will they find out? (Maybe Mary will get suspicious about the state the spoons are in?) How will they react?
    I really like how Martin and Mary furnish this especially for each set of guests - they are such good hosts!

  4. Dear Flo, Hubby told me the Trolls collect rocks so he was the source of information.

    Dear Nicola, I don't like these little trolls too much either except for their hair. Yes, ugly, ugly, ugly and very strange rituals.

    Dear Rebecca, I checked this morning and the Trolls are gone. They ate all the cake and took all their tiny rocks that nobody will notice are missing. They must have gone to cash the precious gems in for Troll Cash. I'm glad they are gone too. Vinnie will be coming soon to clean the Gotland as the next guests will be arriving later this month. The tiny HO Scale peeps and the little boat are gone also.

    Thank you ladies. Love to hear from you all.

  5. "Hello...I love you let me jump in your game"... "is this 1 800 got-dolls??? My friend Felipe gave me your number...

    (just kidding ;) CM

  6. I love the trolls! As a child I had a collection of trolls and had forgotten all about them until I visited your blog. Lovely to see the trolls joining in the fun.