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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Signe's New Rooms

SIGNE's New Rooms

Marta calls her daughter Signe downstairs, "Honey, I have a Surprise for you!" Signe runs to her mother because she knows it might be good. Marta says now honey check out your new bedroom. Marta explains that she is doing well in school and deserves the new space.

Signe is thrilled and says "AAAaaawww Mom!"
She loves the new horse statue with the rider. Plus she doesn't have to share with her brother Gustav (Gus) anymore. She was worried about bugs because of all the cookie crumbs.

Marta tells her there is another room for her. Signe is very attentive and ready to see what's next. They both go into the adjoining room, Signe look around and gives her mom a big hug.

She says in a soft sweet voice,
"Mom, I love you."

Marta leaves Signe alone to enjoy her new doll house room.
Signe is amazed. She has always wanted a Lundby Doll House.
Signe calls all her friends over to share in the fun.

Signe brings the girls to see her new bedroom first. All the little girls are hanging out there just being girls. Signe is holding a high heel shoe that she hopes to fit into some day. All the furniture and items in the room are new to Signe. She just loves the perfume bottle and the new little pink purse. The girls all think Signe is a gluckspliz (lucky mushroom).

Signe tells her friends that there is more and brings them all into her Doll House Room.

The shrieks of laughter, joy & utter excitement fill the room.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh say the girls.

Their creative minds are whirling about.

They want to play, play, play...

All the girls find things to entertain themselves with very quickly.

The good things that happen on Lundby Lane.

The photo below is what Signe's old room used to look like.
She had to share it with her brother Gus.
She always complained that his socks were stinky.

Marta still isn't sure what to do with the new space in the house but I am sure she'll let me know what she does. I saw her leaving the house with her purse so maybe she's going shopping.

Credits: Ikea Vegetable Bins were used for both of Signe's new rooms. Marta had them installed along with the two existing room extensions under the Gothenberg in about 5 minutes by a very strong construction crew member named Vinnie. Yes, I went back to Ikea and bought four more of these excellent bins. They fit so well under the Lundby houses and I can use an extension cord to install real lighting. They also fit very well under the Caroline's home.


  1. A DOLLHOUSE ROOM!!! Wonder if she will grow up to be just like Amy??? Lovely rooms...and thank you for keeping it "even"!

  2. Oh, lucky Signe! Of course Marta would not forget her daughter and her fear of boy germs, she just needed the time to get the rooms fixed up. (How lucky the Lundby Lane inhabitants are that building extensions is made so easy with the IKEA prefabricated rooms!)
    I love Signe's room, especially the couch and table. It's really a place she can hang out with her friends - and the dolls house room! Wow! Or should I say a version of SimCity, with the traffic signs, horses, soldiers - lots of scope for play there :-)

  3. Why didn´t i notice this cute story before...?! Okay, maybe because we´ve been to Berlin ;D I was so proud you showed hubby the "tukadu" post :) And i think you would love to be there! It´s so bad you are so far away...

    Signes two new rooms are so fantastic! I love every detail and i wish i could have a room just for doll´s houses like she has! I had to zoom in every picture and if you were here you could hear me "croaking": OoooH & Aaaaah! so good to have a laptop when you are ill - so i can read every blogpost (i missed) here in my bed :)