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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Martin Goes to the Doctor

Martin was baking a cake for Mary and it didn't turn out right. He used the wrong ingredient because he couldn't see the package label clearly. Mary tasted the cake and said it was very salty. She asked Martin what was wrong. She then set up an appointment at the Doctor's office for Martin. The doctor has arrived and greets Martin.
Well hello there Martin. I am Doctor Smith but you can just call me Doctor Bob. What brings you in today? Martin tells the nice doctor that he messed up his cake for Mary and couldn't figure out what went wrong. Martin is gravely concerned because baking and cooking are great joys for him and his lovely wife Mary.

Well have a seat Martin and please start at the top of the chart and start reading the letters for me. Martin reads aloud "E, F, P, T, O, Z, and then reads M, A, R, Y." The doctor tells him to stop reading and that he is worrying so much as this is a common problem. He then tells Martin he has an easy adjustment for him that will insure all his cakes have the proper ingredients.

Try these on Martin.

What color are my eyes?

Martin is overjoyed and says "Blue, Dr. Bob, your eyes are blue!
Wow, I can see that. Thank you Dr. Bob."

Martin continues in telling the doctor that he feels funny, like he might fall over. The doctor tells him not to worry and that it will only take a couple days for the funny feeling to go away. The fine doctor again has a solution.

The doctor continues, now Martin please wear this Sombrero for a couple days. It will take your mind off the new glasses and will protect you should you fall.

Martin loves the new hat and then thanks the kind Doctor.

The doctor then offers Martin some OXI to clean his shirt.

Martin leaves and can't get wait to get home and start baking another cake for Mary.

This time he will use the sugar instead of the salt.


All is well on Lundby Lane...

Credits: The only Lundby items in this post are the two dolls. Most of the furniture is Bespaq, 1:12 scale and high quality. The miniature glasses were purchased at the miniature store long ago. They are made of hard plastic yet very fragile and easy to lose. The Sombrero is a treasure I acquired long ago and kept it because I liked it. The eye chart and human skeleton charts were acquired in a lot from an eBay purchase with assorted items. The scale in the cabinet was made for the Franklin Mint (70's) and is metal.


  1. Haha. Amy you are so funny. I love Martin's new hat. I can see how it will take Martin's mind off the glasses. I wonder what medical school the doctor went to - prescribing sombreros and Oxi clean.


  2. Ha ha Amy. It will take his mind of his worries... but will he be able get through doorways? signed, Very Concerned.

  3. I read this yesterday and I'm still smiling about it TODAY! Can I make an appointment to see Dr. Bob?