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It is a continuing saga of the events & goings on of the little people (peeps) and their amazing adventures.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We'd like to Say Good-Bye

The Hogarins say Good-Bye to Lundby Lane.

"Thanks for all the great food and nice places to visit.

We hope to come back some day."

And they drove away in their rental car leaving with the best of memories. Vinnie has got to get the cottage cleaned quickly because new visitors are expected soon.

Credits: Thanks to Flo for sharing her goofy big headed peeps. These dolls just never stop smiling. They were a pure pleasure to entertain. However I will be sending you an invoice for the vast quantities of food they ate. :) Those ding-dongs aren't cheap to make.


  1. Excuse me!! That was Rigoberta that called Millie and made reservations to stay at your time-share....not me! Send the bill to Felipe Hogarin at Villa Hogarin, Dollhouse Village, Texas. I hope he can read....and has real money.

  2. Bye bye Felipe and Rigoberta, or rather adieu! Auf wiedersehen! Come back soon!

  3. The Hogarins had a wonderful holiday. :) Love their pics. I think Lundby Lane will be a very popular destination. You should increase the prices and number of stars.