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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Yellow Tulip Restaurant

The Hogarins have a reservation at the Yellow Tulip Restaurant.

As they look into the window it seems their private dining room is ready.

Ribogerta and Felipe sit down and fresh hot bread is served right away. Felipe tells his lovely gal that this will be a special night for her. He goes on to tell her what a wonderful job she did in finding this great cottage for their most relaxing adventurous trip. Rigoberta sits back and smiles at her Felipe. She has something to tell too.

Felipe then tells Rigoberta that he purchased an extra special gift. She replies, oh honey you didn't have to do that. Rigoberta tells Felipe she got him something special also to commemorate their trip to the Rolling Hills. They both continue to smile at each other, exchange gifts and then the restaurant camera man comes by to take their photo.

Rigoberta just loves her new necklace and holds it up so the camera man can see it. Felipe is proudly wearing his new Fleur de lis lapel pin. He says "Just look at it, it is beautiful." Great photo says the photographer. I'll get the photo printed up for you nice folks.

The roasted chicken, baked potato's and jello have been served.

The candles are twinkling and there is plenty of butter.

Rigoberta says let us eat now dear.

Time for an after dinner drink and some dessert.

Felipe orders an assortment that includes ding-dongs (of course).

Rigoberta gets the cookie pie.

Well, shall we dear?

Oh yes we shall.

The rhythm of the music is drawing them into the private room next door.

Frank Sinatra is singing a Michael Buble song.

Let's dance...

Felipe bellows "Turn the lights down..."

And the have been dimmed and the mood lighting is turned on.

I left and gave the Hogarins have some privacy.

In the morning I found them just waking up and they had Big Smiles on their faces.

I just don't know what went on last night but the cottage sure is messy.


  1. Well, they certainly are relaxed from their lovely vacation. It's so nice to see them having a good time.

    About the Rich house. I think $85 is probably fair, but it's a bit high for me since I don't need another house. Thanks for checking the price. I love the little benches at the front door.


  2. Amy you are so busy and creative! I like to look at your pictures and stories, I should give you more comments, but at the moment there are many other things to do.
    Go on having fun!

  3. I second Oese, I pop by often and enjoy all your new stories, but I don't always have the time to leave a comment. Felipe and Rigoberta are so cute and their little vacation at the cottage seems to have been a huge success :-) Have you considered working as a professional holiday organizer? :-)

  4. Felipe and Rigoberta really "got it goin on".Nice mood lighting, wonderful idea. Happy Easter! Will there be chocolate bunnies making an appearance? CM

  5. Me alegro que Felipe y Rigoberta, hayan pasado ese dia tan estupendo, es ideal ver a una pareja que se quiere tanto
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you everybody. I too look often, read and then get distracted going to another blog, looking, reading and only sometimes leave comments. Thanks for letting me know you stop by. That makes me smile. Happy Day!!!

  7. What a lovely ending to their holiday! Such a lovely private, beautifully fitted out restaurant, with excellent food, discreet service and dancing after dinner. Lundby Lane really has it all!