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Monday, March 15, 2010

Purple Cape Society


(Updated 3-18-10 In the USA there is a group of ladies and they call themselves the Red Hat Society. They travel around in groups and are easy to spot because they always wear Red Hats. They are a fun group and seem very loyal to each other. The Purple Cape Society is a doll version of the Red Hat Society.)

Marta invites her neighbors Mary & Anne Marie to Lunch at the Red Room. She tells them she has joined a new society and would like to them to become members also. She explains it is fun and provides merriment and will make them better neighbors. Plus if they join she can give them a gift. Mary ask lots of questions. Anne Marie says bring on the gift. Marta tells Mary to just trust her. So they both join, go open their gifts and don their Purple Capes and lunch begins at the Red Room. They are all proud to be new members of the Purple Cape Society.

If anybody can help me identify this large wooden basket in the photo above I would appreciate a note. A close up photo is below. I picked it up at an estate sale that advertised miniature wooden German doll house items. I was #51 to enter the estate sale and this was the only interesting piece that was left. I was told that somebody earlier than me had bought almost all of them. The whole flower basket is made of wood. The tiny little flowers appear to be wood also. It was quite dusty so I dry brushed it. I just thought it was intriguing and very well made. It is stamped Germany on the bottom. I just really like it.

Credits: Ikea Room Box was used for scene. Purple Cape Society was totally hubby's idea so he gets all the credit. We see the "Red Hat Ladies" here and there and they always look like they are having fun and hubby's knows my dolls are all about having fun. The Purple Capes are by Lundby. The flooring and background wall paper were cut from a place mat sold by Ikea.


  1. Purple Cape Society....you may have started something! Wonder if it will turn up on any other blogs...you need membership cards, Amy!

    Have you asked Patricia about your lovely old basket?

  2. Hi Amy. I just got an email from an eBay dealer about a woman in england who has to sell the Lundby collection. Here it is:

    "Hello. Look at this ebay listing: 350328327438
    tink4tatt is a member of the We Love Lundby Club and must sell her collection----read the description and you will find out why. So sad....."

    I know the cost is very high, but I thought you might like to have a look


  3. Dear Amy thanks for you sweet comment. I think we all are "glückspilze" because we have our wonderful dollhouse hobby and friends to share our enthusiasm :)

    For me this "club-thing" and "society-stuff" is a bit weird, because i never was a member of one. But it seams the girls have fun! "and girls just wonna have fun" ;D.

    Unfortunately i couldn´t tell you nothing special about your sweet lil´ basket. A lot of german wooden toys are made in our ore moutains. They have a long history of wooden art and toys there. Many of these were produced in families by home-work and later sold on faires or in little shops. Some of them developed to well known companies, too. Like for example: http://www.wendt-kuehn.de/index2.html. Look also: http://www.erzgebirgsvolkskunst.de/ if you are intersted in more info.


  4. Hi Nicola, In the US here there is this group of older ladies that go around wearing RED HATS and they call themselves the RED HAT SOCIETY. I am going to guess they are only in the USA so it's a bit weird if you don't know of them. Thanks for telling me. I will also check out the leads you gave me. I am curious about this little wooden flower pot because it is unique to me and very well made.