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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gotland Visitors - The Flagg Brothers

Introducing Cal & Bob Flagg
AKA the Flagg Brothers
The Flagg Brothers arrive at the Gotland Summer Cottage. They are part owners and are excited about their first visit. They want a feel for the place and the surroundings so they can tell friends and family the specifics to get some renters because they like all dolls want more doll things and that requires doll money. Plus their girls have sent them to be sure it is safe for them to stay also. Martin has told them the grounds are fertile hunting grounds with many, many deer that can be harvested.
The brothers are getting settled in. Cal peers out into the forest and dreams of landing a big buck. They have unloaded their Buggy and brought in all their hunting gear and some refreshments for later. Martin has left a pot of corn meal simmering on the stove and a fresh duck roasting on the fireplace fire pit. Cal says to Bob "Boy that's a Big stuffed Duck above the fireplace." Bob replies "Sure is Cal. Hope we get a big one today. Let's get ready to go." Bob feeds the dog as dogs hunts better on a full stomach. They have given him some Pro-K-Killa-Dog Food that enhances the dogs senses and betters the odds for the hunters to be successful. They have even brought their cave man tools just in case.

Bob checks the roasting duck as it is starting to smell so good. Martin said it would be ready in about three hours. The brothers head out with their wagon full of assorted guns sure to bring home a big prize.

Well the brothers arrive home three hours later empty handed. Cal tells Bob to turn the lights on. Both Cal and Bob notice how good it smells inside and outside the cottage and are delighted to have a hot meal to share.

The brothers are thoroughly disappointed and try to figure out what went wrong. Cal thinks that maybe because they didn't have camouflage gear on the deer spotted them. Bob suggests that maybe because they didn't have the right guns. So they decided next time to bring more weapons. The brothers sit down to dine in silence. Cal is filling his pipe to smoke after dinner. Cal also has a Jug of Moonshine and a hefty sized mug to pour it into. Bob is drinking some type of Rum with coke.

The sun is now setting in the western sky. Both brothers have had their fill of funny water and are feeling tipsy. Hark, there is a noise outside. Both brothers get up to look out the front door. Cal asks Bob if he heard that. Bob replies Yes I heard something. Then Cal asks Bob if he sees anything. Bob isn't sure if he's imagining things or that he sees a slew of easy prey deer right outside the door. Bob thinks he just heard a noise and tells Cal he doesn't see anything. Call replies "me neither. I don't see a darn thing."

The brothers retire for the night with dreams of slaying dragons and dinosaurs.
NOTE: No animals were hurt in the creation of this scene.


  1. The dolls are so cute. I like the room settings too. :-)

  2. HAHAHA - I´m laughing out hard, too Amy! Great idea and story! And im sooo happy they didn´t hurt any animal because i don´t like hunters and all the weapons Cal & Bob brought into the cute Gotland Summer Cottage.

    And it´s a real Flagg-dolls-day today. They are so cool but i guess you´ll just get them at the usa?!


  3. A Flagg-day indeed! I get the feeling that Cal and Bob are city-slickers who like the idea of hunting, but aren't too crash hot at it. Going hunting in their suits and ties? Well, I guess they get a bit of excitement, and it's fine with me, as I don't really want to see dead deer :-( - but I can see why their cousin Melvin isn't too impressed by them!

  4. Yes, they had the wrong guns!! Going deer hunting with a uzi and an AK-47...they need to quit going to gun shows. Or maybe Rebecca is right, and it was the suits and ties that scared the deer away.
    Are these boys twins...or do they just like to dress alike? Oh, I forgot, if they are related to Melvin, that explains it.
    ...I can almost smell that duck roasting on the grill...um um!

  5. The Flagg boys are too cute. And the deer!Too funny. Obviously we need some "wimmin folk" here. I just hope the girl Cal or Bob finally finds isn't named Bambi. CM