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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ikea Idea - Room Boxes / Mary goes shopping


Sometimes things are simply black or white.

Thanks much to "Call of the Small" for the Ikea Vegetable Bin tip.
Please click the link below to see where this great idea came from.

She smartly used the Bin as a miniature room box and it was simply fantastic.

Hubby and I took a trip to Ikea the other day. This was only my second time there and I started feeling so Swedish with the Smaland kids area and the Stockholm sofas. What a blast I had but I could not find this vegetable bin. Hubby said he knew where it would be and I'll be darned he knew exactaly where it would be. When he asked if I wanted two of them I did not hesitate to agree that two would be better than one. Once the bins were assembled I immediately moved my vintage Lundby Gothenberg house to see if these bins fit underneath and they do perfectly. Yes I drive a new WV bug and have some miniature ones in different scales. My last car was 14 years old and it was time to retire the old Ford Probe. I wanted a hot little car that had room and an audubon gear. Oh boy does that 5 cyliner move in the sport gear. The VW is in the Bentley family and I call my bug my baby Bentley. I put the black mini bug on top of one room box and the white one on the other. Hence my inspiration for this post. I proceeded to spend hours searching every doll house nook and cranny for miniature items that were either solid white or solid black. The set up below reminds me of the Ikea store and the room selections. I like how the natural sunlight beams through. It was nice to take photos without having to set up lights.

Below is the White Room.
I tried to use as many fabrics and textures to bring the whole room to life.
Click on the photo for better view.
And then we have the Black Room.

It appears that Mary seems to like both of the rooms.

Well she couldn't decide so she bought most items in both rooms. She is very spoiled. I got two so she got two. She had the delivery people set up all items on her Stockholm Mansion Roof top. Wonder what Martin will say when he gets home.

And look what Marta and her family got. Somehow a construction crew came and lifted the house, installed these and not even a cookie had rolled to the floor. Marta is so happy with her lower level extension. They have a place to park the car now and some room for the kids to play.

Credits: Ikea Vegetable Bin at $12.99 USD each.

White Room - Lundby items: Piano stool covered in white linen fabric, the chandelier, the vintage pitcher, two white drinking glasses, the white end table, the candelabra and the two orange pillows. The adirondack chairs were purchased at the miniature show last year. The two mice and the spilt milk are very old and I've had them for years.

Black Room - Lundby items: The outdoor grill, the coffee maker, the two yellow coffee cups and the sugar/creamer dish. The two chairs were acquired at a flea market long ago. The vintage telephone sits on the cap from my Oil of Olay bottle. I got the old tire off some old toys that I recently sorted through.

So many little items that I can't list them all. If you are curious about anything in particular please leave a comment and I will gladly respond. Thanks again to "Call of the Small". What a creative mind you have. I just love these two vegetable bins but doubt a vegetable will ever come near them.


  1. Wow, Mary really is a shopaholic, isn't she? And a dolls house Ikea - now there's a brilliant idea! I love them both - especially the chairs and the lace carpet in the black room :-)

  2. Wow, looks great! I am so glad you were inspired to create such nice double scenes, especially with the light streaming in. I like how they rest underneath your house, too. It's good they are so sturdy! As I have said about these boxes, it's the cheapest "dolls house"
    I have ever bought! Have fun!

  3. I love the white Ikea display the best! So serene and calming...I could use one of those in big people size! But it looks great on the roof top too....will we see a Lundby Lane party happening soon? And the little white VW is just like my first car I had back in 1964....memories!!

  4. They look so wonderful in the sunlight! Lots of trading ideas. That's what it's all about. stimulating each other and sharing inspiration. I might just be going to IKEA.
    :) C

  5. To Rebecca: Mary is just spoiled because Martin always fills her wagon with doll money. I think she intends to give the white set to Marta and the black set to Anne Marie because Mary already has nice stuff.

    To Call Small: You totally inspired me. Swedish boxes go under the Swedish house like they were meant to be. Most affordable Swedish house and the best. I am so glad you shared. I'm going to run an extension cord from the doll house so I can light up the room boxes.

    To Florine: Glad to bring back some memories. The little VW is 1:24 scale and a replica of the 1959 model. There is always so much happening on Lundby Lane. I only capture a small percentage of it.

    To MyRealitty: Oh yeah - All you nice folks have stimulated my tiny little brain. The sharing here is magnificient. Get in the car and get to Ikea. I want two more bins to put under my Caroline's home.

  6. Both boxes are beautifully decorated, the black and white was a great idea! You really have accumulated a great collection of Lundby furniture and accessories; lucky Mary! And the mice with the spilt milk is adorable!

  7. So much to see - they are both wonderful. :-)

  8. Amy this is so awesome! I love the box, but I love especially the way you use it under the dollhouse, very clever. And this nice furnishing in black and white! I think I must go to Ikea in the next days.....