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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hogarins go Out and About


After a delicious breakast the Hogarins venture out for a drive. Rigoberta sees a sign for a Garage Sale and begs Felipe to stop the car. Please honey, let's just go look.

Felipe is excited about the white dresser. He loves how the drawers work and it seems to be just the right size. He comments on the blue handles and how they match the stripes in his shirt. He would like it for his room at home. Plus it's only $3.00. Rigoberta reminds him how cramped the plane ride was, he sighs and he walks away from the dresser.

Rigoberta finds a dress manequin and asks Felipe if he can remember when she was this size. He says "Oh yes dear I remember." In his mind he thinks to himself... She was never that size.

On to the Estate Sale

The nice folks from Texas sit outside on the porch and wait their turn to enter the Estate Sale.

Rigoberta loves the view from the window.

Rigoberta also loves this special basket of flowers that is for sale. She asks Felipe if he likes it and wouldn't it be nice to bring home. She goes on about how nice it would look and how sturdy it is and what a great handle it has and what a super color it is. Felipe reminds her of the plane ride here. Rigoberta sighs, puts the basket down and they leave without buying anything but they sure had a good time browsing.

Felipe says "Well dear, what do you want to do tomorrow?"


  1. what so funny story family Hogarín! I enjoy a lot your way of telling stories with your dolls and miniatures, is very funny ... greetings

  2. I believe the Hogarins have a wonderful time at Lundby Lane :-) Love the garage sale (and the garage sale sign) :-)

  3. Greetings to you too Paky. I am glad you are enjoying the adventure.

    Hi Pubdolls. I found those Garage Sale signs in mom's stuff and was just waiting for the right time to use them. Cheers to YOU!

  4. I love the garage sale sign too! And I love how well organised the garage sale and estate sale are, all with price tags or price stickers :-) I'm a bit sad that Felipe would not let Rigoberta buy that nice little basket of flowers (which matches her dress so well) - surely it is small enough to fit on the plane? Felipe could have bought it for Rigoberta - where is his romantic heart? ;'(
    However, browsing can be just as fun as buying, and they certainly have found a good neighbourhood for finding things to do :-)

  5. Hi Rebecca. Here's a secret. The photos were taken at the local antique store. The garage sale was done inside a case on a shelf. The Estate Sale House was a Doll House that is for sale. They were kind enough to let me take some quick photos. If I can find them a better ride home maybe they can buy some treasures to take with them. The flight up here sure was cramped. LOL So please don't be sad. Stay tuned! Maybe they can find some very little things to bring home. Maybe...