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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hogarins Arrive on Lundby Lane

WELCOME to the Hogarins

Rigoberta and Felipe Hogarin have arrived safely from Texas after a very cramped and stressful flight. Rigoberta says her nose hurts a little from the landing. They are headed for Lundby Lane. They sure need to stretch out and relax. They have booked the Gotland Summer Cottage here in Illinois for a quiet little Spring get away. The Lundby dolls want to be sure everything is just perfect for these fine folks as these are the first out of town visitors.

Filepe gets all the luggage into the truck and Rigoberta comments on how lovely this rental car is. The agent for the Gotland Cottage set this rental up for them. Rigoberta wants to be sure to thank Millie for the smooth arrangements. Filepe says get in dear let's get rolling. Let's see how fast this thing goes!

The Hogarins have arrived at the Cottage. The Hogarins are delighted! They feel safe and everything is just right. Felipe is so happy to have the nice fireplace and to see the stacked wood for them.

Rigoberta is inside putting the clothes away. She found a Welcome note and a message that breakfast would be brought to them in the morning. Filepe has found a Pepsi in the frig and a basket of strawberries. He sits outside, relaxes and breathes in the fresh spring air.


Felipe is thinking to himself what a great place his lovely wife Rigoberta found and is thinking about a way to surprise her with his gratitude and appreciation. He is also thinking about finding a better way to get home than that awful Fisher Price airplane.

The Hogarins intend to be busy during the days and lazy during the nights as they explore the area and eat like Kings and Queens.


  1. So great the Hogarins have arrived and with that car they certainly have arrived in style! :-)
    Did Flo come too? (And was there a fancy car waiting for her as well? :-))

  2. Hi Pubdolls. Unfortunately Flo could not fit into the Fisher Price plane so only Rigoberto and Felipe have arrived. They are going to have some adventures while on Lundby Lane. These Hogarin Dolls are just precious and they really like the Cottage. Thanks for the note. :)

  3. The rental car is certainly more stylish than the one they went to the airport in! I hope they had a comfortable flight, and have a good night's rest. Can't wait to see what they find to do here - I'm pretty sure it won't involve dead deer :-)

  4. Hi Rebecca. No dear hunting that I know of but they might just run into the Flagg Brothers. I'll be updating soon and then again and again and again and maybe again after that. Glad you stopped by. Thanks!

  5. Ha! Very cute! Dolls need good vacations because they work soooooooooooooo hard :) C